Weymouth Redlands Community Sports Hub Camping near the Paralympic Sailing Events – Paralympics Only

Weymouth Redlands Community Sports Hub Camping near the 2012 Paralympic SailingRedlands Community Sports Hub is situated in acres of green space, less than a 40 minute walk to Nothe Fort, the best viewing spot in town for the Paralympic sailing, and this campsite will be specifically geared up for the event.

The Sports Hub boasts excellent facilities, with a host of indoor and outdoor courts, outdoor pitches – including a 3G pitch, fitness suite and a recent addition, the adiZone. The adiZone is a fantastic multi-sport and outdoor gym area that is free for anyone to use and has been designed to encourage the local community to get active in the run up to the 2012 games!
There are frequent buses running from just outside the Sports Hub into Weymouth Town Centre, and you can also cycle or walk and enjoy a glimpse of the coastline along the way. On the days when you don’t have tickets you can enjoy Weymouth beach and the stunning Jurassic Coastline, and in the evenings there is a vast array of bars and restaurants along the bustling harbour to keep you entertained!
Lewis Stripp, General Manager at Redlands Community Sports Hub, comments: “We are really excited about being involved in the games, we have been involved in several legacy projects already and this is another great opportunity to capitalise on the games and invest in facilities that will benefit the wider community! Weymouth has a fantastic atmosphere during the summer and the addition of the Olympics and Paralympics this year will really add to the buzz!”
Weymouth Redlands Community Sports Hub Campsite is excited about hosting sailing fans and anyone who wants to soak up the seaside town atmosphere during the 2012 Summer Paralympics.

Parking, 24 hr running water, hot showers, toilets, allocated washing up area, bar – serving cold beverages, alcohol, hot drinks and snacks (including breakfast), charging points, wifi, laundry service, access to the sports centre facilities (additional payment required).

Who is Weymouth Redlands Community Sports Hub Camping best for?

Perfect for families, groups of friends, couples or volunteers who are keen to enjoy some of Weymouth’s seaside attractions as well as the Sailing!


For camping during the Olympics please book at Weymouth College Camping
All camping bookings for Weymouth Redlands Community Sports Hub Camping are made securely online using Campingninja, the UK’s largest online campsite booking provider. When clicking book now you will be automatically taken through to campingninja.com to make your booking.
N.B.You will be sent a confirmation email as soon as the booking is made, which you use to check-in at Weymouth Redlands Community Sports Hub Camping.


  1. Pete says:

    It appears that there are no spots left for my single tent for the duration of my volunteering.
    Anywhere else that is available for 21st august to 7th September?

  2. Hi Pete,

    We still have availability at this site but unfortunately it does not open until the 28th August as we do not have capacity to open this sooner, however we are reviewing this. Kepp an eye on our website and FB page for updates…


  3. John says:

    Hi i am considering camping with you during the paralympics in Weymouth. I understand you do not open until August 28th. Do you think this is likely to change at all. Also my shifts finish at the venue very late at night (23-00) which means arriving at the campsite around midnight. Is this possible. Also what times are you planning to open the facilities, cafe etc. many thanks

  4. John says:

    Sorry more questions!!

    What transport is running from the campsite to the venues, and is it just standard buses or are there games makers shuttle buses running too and do you know the timings of them.

  5. Hi it will be standard public transport, which is very frequent and from Weymouth College Nothe Fort is in walking distance. I would head onto the Weymouth and Portland website for details on travel time, thanks!

  6. At the moment there is no movement on campsite opening dates but we will keep our website and Facebook page up to date if this changes. Arriving at the campsite at Midnight isn’t a problem but on the day you check in this needs to be before 10pm. The cafe will be open from 6am and the showers will be open for 24hours.

  7. John says:

    Thanks for that information. What time will the cafe close please.

  8. Hi John,

    Not sure on specific times but I know they will also have a bar and catering facility, so fairly late.

  9. Pete says:

    I have the opposite question to John. Most of my shifts start at 7am. What time does the cafe open?
    At a rough estimate, the campsite is a 40-50 minute cycle from the venue on portland.

  10. Pete says:

    Will there be a lock up of any sort, to leave valualbles?

  11. Hi Pete, full details of all our catering times are going out at the end of the week. But Weymouth has really good catering facilities, and we’re looking at an opening time of 6am onwards hopefully!

  12. No unfortunately, we are advising people to keep all their valuables about their person.