Surbiton Hockey Camping near the 2012 Olympic and Paralympics – SW London


Surbiton Hockey Club

Surbiton Hockey Club is one of the oldest and now the largest hockey club in the UK. The club has gone from strength to strength, nurturing home grown talent to produce international players across the board. Aside from winning the title of “Surrey Sports Club of the Year”, last season saw the unveiling of their brand new water based pitch as well as a number of upgrades to it’s  facilities. However there is still a long way to go, Surbiton has launched a brand new fundraising campaign called “The Future is Now” in a bid to devleop its facilties even further for aspiring young talent, therefore the club is delighted to open its door to both hockey and non-hockey playing ticketholders and volunteers alike!One thing that this friendly club boasts in abundance is atmosphere and the addition of the Hockey Nation activites will provide plenty of on-site entertainment.
Paul, Leeds
Highly recommended venue. Staff were very helpful, well informed and friendly. Campingninja did a great job, with high standards of customer care, good rules, good layout, good support and good contacts. To be honest it was an excellent experience. My first use of campingninja has proved them to be an excellent, thoughtful and supportive organisation. I will be using them again.
Surbiton Hockey Club is extremely excited about the forthcoming Games and cannot wait to open it’s gates and welcome some 2012 Olympics and Paralympics visitors. As part of your booking fee you will also be granted a temporary Surbiton Hockey Club membership that entitles you to use the clubhouse bar.

Parking, 24 hr running water, showers, toilets, allocated washing up area, bar – serving cold beverages, alcohol, hot drinks and snacks (including breakfast), large screen TVs, charging points, BBQ nights, laundry service, lots of green space.

Who is Surbiton Hockey Camping best for?

Groups of friendscouplesvolunteers; and anyone who enjoys hockey.
All camping bookings for Surbiton Hockey Club are made securely online using Campingninja, the UK’s largest online campsite booking provider. When clicking book now you will be automatically taken through to to make your booking.
N.B.You will be sent a confirmation email as soon as the booking is made, which you use to check-in at Surbiton Hockey Club.
Keith Wallis, Surbiton Hockey Club, comments: “We have some fantastic activities planned during the Olympics for those who wish to take part, and for those who don’t there will be plenty to watch either on the sidelines or in the clubhouse bar where we will be showing all the sporting action. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to get involved in the games and support the GB Hockey team as well as raise valuable funds that will help the development of our club!”


  1. kate says:

    Hi I’m going to be a games maker during the games and will be working at Heathrow airport is Surbiton Hockey club the closest campsite? If so could you advise as to the best transport for early and late shifts please. Many thanks x

  2. The distance is roughly the same, train or rail air is the best bet. There will be transport running all night, however it’s worth checking the bus time tabkle to ensure you can get to the station. Check out the blog below…

  3. Ton van Wieringen says:

    I am a cycling fan. The cycling roadtrack is near the Surbiton Hockey Campsite. I’m glad to have a pitch there.
    I cannot wait till it’s july 27. I’m enjoy your English breakfast. I’m curious the campsite is busy. Goodbye.
    Ton van Wieringen
    The Netherlands

  4. Surbiton Campsite is booking up nicely. It’s one of our smaller campsites and will have a great atmosphere. I’m sure they’re looking forward to having you there!

  5. Chris says:

    We are hoping to come and camp at your site during the games. We anticipate arriving at around 10.30pm. Is this too late?

  6. No, this should be fine as the bar will still be open. When you book, do put in the notes that you will be arriving later on so they know to expect that.

  7. marco clementelli says:

    Hi, is there a campsite that will be already open on July 7th ? Thanks. Marco/Italy

  8. Paul Kavanagh says:


    what is the earliest we could pitch our tent?

    We’re planning to go to Hyde Park and have to be there at 1:30pm, and won’t get back to the campsite until after midnight. Would it be possible to pitch up before midday?

    Many thanks,

  9. Yes that shouldn’t be a problem.

  10. Georges says:

    sorry for my bad english, I leave in Geneva and will come for de badminton in London Olympics on 28th of July.
    I’m looking for a place to stay my small camping car for 3 or 4 nights near to the Wembley Arena. We are a four persons family.
    Is Surbiton Hockey camping possible for us or did you have another suggestion ?
    Thank you for your answer, bets regards

  11. Hi, Surbiton Hockey Camping would indeed be suitable for you and your family. The Badminton is taking place in Wembley Arena, which is 1hr from the campsite, which is as near as any of the other campsites. I would suggest looking at this page: from which you can click on the campsites to see detailed information about which may suit your family best. Thanks for your comment.

  12. stefano says:

    i’m Italian and my english is too bad…i’ll go to London on 27 July and come back in Italy 30 July. I arrive with one friend and we’ll se bycicle race and more competition.
    Where can we go?
    thanks and sorry for english

  13. Hi Stefano,
    The cycling time trials are at Hampton Court Palace, for which I would recommend staying at Surbiton Hockey Club, thanks for the enquiry!

  14. Adam says:


    How easy is it to get from the campsite the hockey centre at the games?

    Also, are there still spaces available for the 9th August?



  15. It takes approximately 1hr, and yes there are spaces, but bookings keep coming so book earlier rather than later to avoid dissapointment!

  16. Ry says:

    Just wondering if I have read it right but are there hockey games being arranged at Surbiton for the campers (and others)?

  17. gordon says:

    hi just wondered what the adviability is like here from the 31t of august to the 6th of September? and also how easy is it to get to egham sation from here?
    many thanks

  18. Hi Ry, As I understand there will be relaxed sports for campers to take part in yes :)

  19. Availability is fine, please refer to (Transport for London) for detailed travel info, hope this helps!

  20. Mick says:

    How easy is it to get to Wimbledon on public transport?

  21. Keith says:

    Assuming there is availibility, we were looking at booking @ Surbiton for the night of Tuesday 31st July and going to see the time trails on the 1st. If we do, would we be able to leave our car at the site until after the events have finished? It’d be a bit of a waste of time otherwise.


  22. Rich Bacon says:

    Hi, we have a small camper van (VW Transporter) – is this OK instead of a tent? Do you still have availability 3rd – 5th Aug?



  23. Sorry all our sites are tent only.

  24. Hi Keith, yes that will be fine.

  25. Please refer to for detailed travel info.

  26. Richard says:

    So we’ve booked 2 pitches for 2 nights here at Surbiton HC for the 9th & 10th August but travelling down from Yorkshire. Thinking of leaving early doors, but what is the earliest we can book in for our pre-erect?!

  27. Ewan says:

    What time is breakfast being served at Surbiton?

  28. Hi Richard, check in is after 12pm

  29. Ton van Wieringen says:

    We had a wonderfull time on your campsite.
    Six says from july 27.
    Near the cycling events.
    Good accomodation.
    A good breakfast with bacon.
    Friendly people.
    Big screens.
    Good showers etc.
    We’re thanking the Surbiton Hockey Club for all.

    Ton & Wim from Holland

  30. Kate says:

    Hi, we’re hoping to come camp but are driving in an ex minibus (an LDV van) – will we be able to park it there? Thanks, Kate from Wales

  31. Hi Kate, You can park it there, however, you may not sleep in it if that was your intention, as we are tent only at these campsites.