Don’t miss out on this opportunity to dramatically increase revenue in 2012 – make the most of the Olympic boom.

Over 6 million tickets for the Olympics allocated – where will everybody sleep?

Olympic crowd ©MelvinSchlubman

6.6 million Olympics tickets have now been allocated – London, already one of the busiest capitals in the world, will be crammed full of eager spectators clutching their sacred tickets and will be keen to ensure they make the most of their Olympic experience.  This is possibly easier said than done as visitors will have multiple sites to get to, scattered in and out of London, transport links and costs to consider, food costs and saving the best until last, where to sleep?

On your marks, get set, camp!

Camping At The Games has the answer – we’re partnering with sports clubs across London and beyond to offer people somewhere to camp during the Olympics.

The idea and platform is brought to you by Campingninja, the UK’s largest independent online campsite booking engine. We offer all appropriate sports clubs the opportunity to make the most of London 2012 by enabling you to offer an affordable and fun alternative to overpriced accommodation, still offering a great location with good public transport links.

You provide the space and facilities, Camping At The Games and Campingninja provide:
  • everything you need to know about setting up a campsite and operating it (it’s not rocket science at all when you know how).
  • the online booking platform and customer handling (you won’t have to process a thing, or deal with any customers before they arrive).
  • 10 months of online an offline marketing and promotion (national and international) in order to fill your space.
  • Full support until the Games are over.
  • a massive opportunity for your club to generate a large amount of revenue whilst having a lot of fun!
Support local sports clubs and sports development

Support local sports clubs and sports development

Affordable accommodation for the Olympics, a helping hand for the community and a boost for sports clubs.

Camping at a sports club is a great solution to the expensive issue visitors will face finding somewhere to sleep during their Olympic experience. It will also offer the local community the chance to come together and show off their patch of Great Britain; and offer sports clubs a huge financial boost, due to the camping fees and any additional activities that may be put on. Taking part in the scheme will raise the profile of the sports club, promoting better engagement with members (current and new) through volunteering and the ability to make a large amount of revenue through the bar and catering facilities e.g. BBQs and breakfasts!

I am a Sports Club, I have the space for Campers, but how will it work?

Sports clubs are encouraged to set-up temporary campsites specifically for the Olympic period, simply by signing up to Camping At The Games who will provide all the ins and outs of setting up camp, from requesting a free 28 day temporary campsite license from your local council, to how many volunteers you will need, to how to set-up your campsite, health and safety considerations and pricing structure. Campinginja will then set up an online profile for each club’s temporary campsite and will work hard to publicise, promote, market, advertise, and fill them up for the Olympics Games using our considerable marketing power. Campingninja will also, of course, provide all the online booking so no admin at all will be necessary on your part to process any bookings or payments.

To find out more about this fantastic opportunity, click here to get your free Olympic campsite set-up pack and further detailed information.

N.B. By registering for your pack you are under no obligation at all to sign-up or commit to anything.