Due to circumstances beyond our control, unfortunately Reading RFC have had to pull out of being a campsite for the Olympics and Paralympics near Eton Dorney.

We have worked hard to secure an alternative campsite for everyone at Staines Hockey and Cricket Club and are confident that it is even a better option than Reading especially in terms of facilities and ease of getting to Eton Dorney as it is nearer with better transport links.

Reading RFC would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and had never intended to not be able to run the campsite; but unfortunately, due to some misunderstandings on their part, they hadn’t realised they had already used up their 28 days Permitted Development to use the land differently. They wish everyone a happy games and hope they have an enjoyable time staying at Staines Hockey and Cricket Club.

Previous daily costs to get to and from Eton Dorney from Reading: Return bus (£3.60) Return Train (£4.30) – £7.90 a day at least (slightly more if getting a very late bus)

Daily cost to get to and from Eton Dorney from Staines: £0 – you can use your Travelcard

So for a Gamesmaker travelling every day for 10 days, this results in a saving of at least £79

If you had previously booked your travel to Reading and need to get to Staines from Reading there are regular direct trains between Reading and Staines (around every 15-20 mins) which take approximately 45 minutes. Check out National Rail for details.

Please check out the Staines Hockey and Cricket Club Page for more information and the Staines page on Campingninja for photos