Pre-erected tent rentals during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London

At all of the Camping at the Games campsites this summer we are offering the opportunity to rent Pre-erected tents. You can bring your own of course but if you’d rather have one set up for your arrival then look no further.

4 person Pre-erected tent for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

4 person Pre-erected tent for hire during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Photo taken at Surbiton Hockey Club

The Pre-erected tents

The tents themselves are 4 person family tents with 2 separate sleeping pods either side of a generous living area.

The 2 sleeping pods are big enough to take a double airbed and are 2.3m (7ft 6in) in length. The living area reaches 2 metres in height (6ft 6in) and is large enough for storing bags, equipment and footwear. The full height flysheet door has a combined window and vent that can be sealed off with a zipped curtain. More vents can be found at each end and help to keep the bedrooms cool in warm weather. The door can also be converted into an awning to create a shaded space outside, good for cooking. The tent also has reflective guy ropes to reduce tripping after a hard day at the Games!


Tent rentals at the Olympics

Pre-erected tents from Camping at the Games are available to hire at all of the campsites listed on Camping at the Games. The cost is simple to work out. The per person cost is the same as bringing your own tent, £10 per adult and £5 per child per night. Pre-erected tents are calculated on top of this at a flat rate of £25 per night for the tent.



  1. Becky says:

    Hi I have just had my gamesmaker shifts though for Copper box @ Olympic Park. Is Eton the closest campsite? Do you do any smaller pre-made tents, for 2 people for example? I’m coming on my own :( lol is the charge for pre-made per night? Thanks x

  2. Not sure where in the Olympic Park the Copper Box is, but Eton Manor is very close to the Olympic Park. But also check out Match Day Centres and Barking RFC as they are both very close too.

    As for the pre-erected tents they are all the same size. It is £25 a night for the tent then £10 a night per person – so would be £35 a night for you on your own.

  3. jimbob says:

    hi wondering about single occupancy as have some friends coming by themsleves is it still the same prices

  4. yes we charge per person not per pitch.

  5. julia treharne says:

    Hi Becky: I am also at the Copper Box and need a place to stay on a few nights ..not sure how I can contact you??? best wishes jules

  6. Andrew says:

    Do your pre erected tents not include sleeping bags and Mattresses?

  7. No sleeping bags or mattresses are included – it’s just the tents.

  8. Dee says:


    Are the pre-erected tents double wall and do they have in built ground sheets?

    Cheers, Dee

  9. Yes double walled and the sleeping pod areas will be attached with built in ground sheets.

  10. Pauline says:

    Hi Becky I am also a gamesmaker and looking for somewhere to stay, can you contact me via my email address to see if we can work something out together if poss. Would be a lot better having company. What are you doing at the games.

  11. DB says:

    Is it possible to book a pre-erected tent but also have a small one person alongside as we are 5 in our family?

  12. Yes that will be fine, we charge on a per person basis so as long as you outline this fact in the ‘instructions’ section of the booking form it will be fine.

  13. Karen Roberts says:

    Hi I’m a games maker at the copper box and the accommodation I had has now fallen through if anyone can help plz get intouch I’m on a very tight budget

  14. Boryana says:

    Hi guys,

    I’ll be working at the Olympic park from 26th July until 12th August. I was wondering if we can book a pre-erected tent together. Contact me if you haven’t sorted out yours.

  15. karen says:

    hi. can you confirm that included in the price is the ability to park one car? Also, from what time during the day are you allowed to access the tent? Thanks

  16. Hi Karen, you have to specify this in your booking as well, but yes it is included.

  17. Graeme Watson says:

    We are a family of 5 – 2 adults and 3 young children. Would we be able to book a pre-erected tent? The pod sizes are very generous and we believe could easily accomodate us. Our youngest sleeps in with us anyway!!

    Many thanks

  18. Hi Graeme, yes that will be fine, please go ahead and book online.

  19. Caz says:

    Hi, I am on a very tight budget and am also a wheelchair user. I dont own a tent or any camping equipment. Can i pay the £10 a night but sleep in my car? Cheers.

  20. Sorry Caz, the only way we can allow you to camp on site is in a tent, we are not allowed to permit anyone to sleep in anything with an axle.

  21. Sha says:

    Hi I am volunteering at the paralympics and am working at the Aquatics Centre where I have to be by 6am. I have somewhere to stay for some nights but not 29/30th August. Is anyone else going to be there then who would like to share a pre-erected tent for 2 nights? I can’t really put my own up or I would have to take it down before my ealry shift on the second day!