Frequently Asked Questions for Olympic Campers

where, what, when, how, why?

Booking is open right now and bookings are flying in from all over the UK as well as other countries in Europe and beyond. So, don’t delay, Find your favourite 2012 campsite and book here.

There are 2 reasons for the campsites being tent only:

1. They are only legally allowed to be tent only as the Sports Clubs / Campsites are operating under a 28 day temporary campsite license which specifies that it has to be tent only.

2. The sports clubs are allowing camping on and around their pitches and strictly no vehicles are allowed on them as they need to be protected as much as possible. They also have limited driving access to the pitches.

The rules mean no caravans, campervans, motor-homes, and trailer tents – basically, anything with an axle.

Sorry if you are disappointed but those are the rules. Why not get involved with the tent camping scene next Summer to join us?

All but 2 of the campsites are open for the Paralympics as well as the Olympics.

Those which aren’t are: Eton Manor RFC, and Weymouth Community Sports Centre (however, Weymouth Redlands Sports Hub is open during the Paralympics to offer a camping option at the Paralympic Sailing).


It depends on when you make a cancellation. The refund you will be eligible for is set out below:

you will be refunded the following % of your total payment if you make a cancellation to your booking:

70% – over 120 days before the campsite opens
50% – between 120 and 61 days before the campsite opens
0% – under 61 days before the campsite opens

Any cancellation will be subject to a £10 admin fee.

Changing a booking

If you want to make any changes your booking you will be charged any additional costs (for extra days or people etc) and / or will be subject to the above cancellation policy for any cancelled days.

Any changes to a booking will be subject to a £10 admin fee.

If you are a Gamesmaker / Volunteer and have booked under Flexi-camp you can make changes free of charge – see here for more details

All campsites will be able to viewed and booked securely online in under 5 minutes using (the UK’s first and largest online campsite booking website).

As soon as you book you will receive email confirmation with all the details you need.

All you have to do then is turn up with your tent!

Booking is open right now. Find your perfect campsite for the Olympics / Paralympics on Campingninja and then securely book online.

If you are a Gamesmaker / Volunteer then you are eligible for our Flexi-camp Deal: click here to find out more.


All Camping At The Games Campsites will have the same basic pitch prices which we have set to be a reasonable price, whilst making sure that the Sports Clubs who are hosting you can make a worthwhile profit to benefit the development of their club. We are confident that you would not be able to find any kind of hotel, b&b, or rented accommodation any cheaper during the London 2012 Olympics.

The basic prices are based on a per person cost:

  • adult = £10 per night; child = £5 per night.
  • if you are bringing a large tent (over 4mx4m) then an extra £5 per pitch per night will be charged.
  • each pitch will have 1 car parking space included free. If you are bringing more cars then an extra £5 per car per night will be charged.

e.g. for 2 adults for 3 nights it will cost: £60 

for a family of 4 for 3 nights it will cost: £90

There is also an option to hire a Pre-erected 4 man tent for an additional £25 a night.

Different campsites may have some additional extras depending on what they may offer.

All campsites will have ample toilet and shower facilities, as well as access to drinking water. After that it may vary depending on what specific facilities each Sports Club has or chooses to provide.

For example, some may open cafes for breakfasts, drinks and snacks; some will have bars with big screens to be able to watch Olympic Events you don’t have tickets for; some may sell some basic groceries; some will do BBQs in the evenings.

Once the camping pitches go on sale it will be very clear what facilities are available as each campsite will have their own profile with everything you need to know. You can then easily make a decision about which is right for you.

Can we drive? Yes, you can!

Where will you park? The Sports Clubs / Campsites will have ample parking facilities.

Will parking cost anything? Each pitch can bring 1 car for free. If you bring more than 1 car per pitch then there will be an extra cost of £5 per night. We want to encourage people to use as few cars as possible and have the lowest environmental impact possible.

Of course you can! You don’t have to have tickets for the Olympics in 2012 in order to come and enjoy the atmosphere and benefit from cheap accommodation (camping) in London. There are plenty of events, like cycling and the marathons, going on which are free to view. Why not come and join the party and have an experience you won’t forget.

Yes, we are only working with Sports Clubs which have good and easy public transport links for London 2012 venues, which means you’ll be able to walk to the nearest bus / tube stop and travel to where you need to get to with your Oyster card / Travelcard.

Check out our travel planner where you can see how long it takes to get from each campsite to each Olympic and Paralympic Venue.

Camping At The Games is powered by and set up by – the UKs largest online campsite booking platform. Over the past 2 years we have built up a great reputation in the industry and have enabled 1000s of happy people to find and book a great campsite online.

We are associate members of the British Holiday Home Park Association (BH&HPA) and with many providers both large and small including Eurocamp, The South West Lakes Trust and The National Trust.

We realised that it was going to be difficult for people to find reasonably priced accommodation in order to visit the 2012 Games in London and thought it would be a great opportunity for sports clubs who have great space and facilities to benefit from lots of people coming to camp, plus it would make for a great atmosphere and experience.

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If the answer to your question is not here please ask us your question in the comments below and we’ll publish an answer if it is common, or email you if it is a very specific one.


  1. Ben Pollard says:

    Will your campsite be open during the Paralympic Games because I have only been chosen to work for the Paralympics at the minute and I have looked at numerous camp site websites and they are only open during the normal Olympics

  2. Mary says:

    Will you be setting up camp sites for the paralympic games period as well? Will you be setting up sites that allow caravans? Thanks

  3. Yes, we will. All the sports clubs we have setting up campsites will operate during the Paralympics too. None of our sites will allow caravans as they are operating under a 28 Day Temporary License which only allows tents. Also, they won’t allow cars or vehicles on their pitches as they would cause too much damage – they have to be ready to play on shortly afterwards!

  4. Yes, happily our sites will be open during the Paralympic and Olympic Games so you will be able to camp using Camping At The Games….

  5. Alison says:

    Hi – i know the priority sale for camping starts tomorrow but at what time?

  6. Hi Ali – it will start at 10am all being well – exciting times!

  7. Melissa says:

    Hi. Are these sites for tents only, or would we be able to bring our folding camper?

  8. Hi Melissa, these site are for tents only, although I will check about folding campers for you. Is it a trailer tent type, or more one that is like a caravan? This matters in terms of licensing (tent = ok, caravan = not ok)? Also, do you have to drive the trailer part to it’s spot or can you push / pull it there? Hoping we can help once you get back to us.

  9. Melissa says:

    Bottom half is like a caravan. The top half is like a tent. We can push it a fair way. Shame if we can’t use it.

  10. Hi Melissa,

    We have checked with Planning Enforcement Officers and unfortunately a trailer tent is not allowed. Basically, anything with an axle is against planning regulations. Really sorry but those are the rules – maybe you can bring an ordinary tent for this?

  11. Judi Watson says:

    Very interested in your site – will there be any facility to charge phones/lap tops and any security lockers.



  12. It depends which site you are looking at. They will all have some charging facilities, and Wodson Park and Weymouth (to be announced very soon) will have lockers of sorts as they are leisure centres. However, using those will of course be at your own risk. We advise to take as few valuables as possible…

  13. Lorraine Hague says:

    If we book to camp for the night before the event we have tickets for, what time do we have to remove the tent and car?

  14. Hi Lorraine,

    Thanks for your query, we ask that tents are taken down by 11am on the morning of departure and cars can be left at the site until the end of the day. Let me know if you have any other queries.

  15. Lorraine Hague says:

    Thank you :)

  16. Sarah Quin says:

    Hi there, I’m very interested in your site at Reading but have a couple of questions. I’m a Games Maker but I’ve no idea what days or how many I’ll need to be there – if I book 10 days can I cancel, change the total, change the days? Secondly do you have laundry facilities? Thirdly how soon will I need to book? Thanks Sarah

  17. Hi Sarah,
    1)All the info you need is on our Games Maker Page. In short though, you can book, then change the dates and amount of days as long as they are still 7 or over.

    2) There are no laundry facilities at Reading RFC itself but there is a Johnson’s laundrette a 10-15 min walk away.

    3) You should book fairly soon as campsites are booking up at quite a pace and seeing as you can make changes if you want, then you may as well!

    Hope that all helps

  18. Joanne Williams says:

    my daughter & I are Volunteer Games Makers. Can we set up
    our individual one-man tents on the same pitch or do we need to book 2 pitches?

    Is a deposit required?

  19. Hi Joanne,

    I responded to you other post, please see for details. Many thanks.

  20. Chris J Evans says:

    Hi glad to see a good initiative.
    I’m going to be a Gamesmaker, most of my duties are going to be at Hyde Park or Sandown Race Course (Road Racing GamesMaker base) are there going to be any sites near Hyde Park or Sandown?

  21. Carol Dutton says:

    My partner has been offered a games maker role and will potentially need to attend 8 training days, outside of the olympic dates. In addition, he has been asked to be available for 5 weeks during the summer for the olympics and 3 weeks during late summer/ ealy autumn for the paralympics. Will there be availability or the flexibility to book with any of these campsires above and beyond the actual olympic weeks?

  22. Tarique Chowdhury says:

    I’m an Games Maker for the Paralympics, and plan to camp at Eton Manor for 3 weeks.

    I’d like to bring a 6 man tent for my SOLE use. Is that okay? Going to cost any more?

    I just isn’t fancy 21 days working my shifts and coming back to a cubby hole.

    Can you let me know. Thanks – T

  23. Hi. 1stly, I’m afraid Eton Manor is only open for the Olympics, not the Paralympics as the Paralympics clashes with too many of their fixtures… However, your next best bet is Blackheath Rugby which is open during the Paralympics.

    As for your tent – it is fine, but if its footprint is larger than 4m x 4m then you will need to pay an extra £5 per night for it.

    Hope that helps.
    Rhian – Campingninja

  24. There will be campsites open for both the Olympics and Paralympics and some, a little either side, but not likely to be as much as your partner needs – this is due to all campsites only being able to be open for 28 days during a calendar year so there is limited scope for anything outside of the Games dates.

  25. I would say the best bet for you would be Surbiton Hockey Club Camping. 40 mins to Hyde Park and it’s under 2 miles to Sandown Race Course so you could cycle there perhaps?

  26. Hilary Orr says:


    Booked to stay on your site for 2 weeks as I am a gamesmaker. Could you let me know if we are ok to bring our own cooking facilities? Do you allow BBQs (off ground!!!)

    Thanks Hilary

  27. Hi Hilary,

    Own cooking facilities are fine but we can’t allow BBQ’s unfortunately as it may be difficult to monitor these and we want to avoid any damage to the pitches. However there will be BBQ food available most evenings at each of the clubhouses and this is usually really reasonably priced at sports clubs, I hope this helps. Many thanks.

  28. Chris J Evans says:

    40 minutes by car, tube, train or bus?
    I suspect it’s not walking :-/

  29. Hi Chris,

    which site are you referring to?

  30. emma says:

    I have been offered a games maker role which requires me to be at eton dorney for 5 weeks commencing 9th july – 15th aug. will there be any of the campsites staying open slightly longer in order to be able to camp for abit longer.

    Warm regards


  31. Hi Emma,

    We currently have Reading open from 21 JUL – 15 AUG, as we are aware there are people staying but unfortunately we can’t open the site for any longer under the temporary campsite license. However we could potentially look into a secondary sites to be open sooner depending on numbers, will there be many of you on site from the 9th?

  32. emma says:

    thank you for your reply. At this time I am not quite sure how many people will be on-site from the 9th. I think there will be a good few people on-site doing the same role as me in preparation for the games but I’m sure it will be fine to find seperate arrangements for the beginning period if needed.

  33. tabata says:

    Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?

  34. Michael Kenny says:


    I am a games makier with the Medical Team and my shifts are 6.30 – 15.15 23/7 – 27/7 inclusive and 2.30 – 23.15 29/7 – 2/8 inclusive. I was going to stay at Henley on Thames but transport is not available for these times. As I am coming over from Australia I am unable to bring any camping accessories at all. Is it possible to hire a stretcher/sleeping bag etc as well as a tent?

  35. Hi Michael,

    Just to clarify do you mean the Reading RFC campsite, where will your shifts be?

  36. Jan says:


    I have booked at another campsite, I have just found out the they are only available for the Olympics and not the Paralimpics,I will be working for the full term and maybe the gap in between? I am part of the workforce. Will you be open during the Paralympics. And will it be the same price of £10 per night it will be for myself and no car.

    Many Thanks


  37. Hi Jan,

    Yes most of our sites are open during the Paralympics, the cost is £10 per person and you are entitled to bring one free car per pitch.

    We are currently looking to extend the opening dates of our sites, but if you could complete this facebook poll this would help us establish what the demand is,

  38. Jan says:


    Many thanks and reasuring. I will do the poll for you. Thanks once again.



  39. Teri Manning says:

    I am looking into camping at the Paralympics due to me being a games maker and will be camping alone. Am I able to leave my tent pitched for the duration of my camp- will it be safe? Is there anywhere on the sites where I can store my personal belongings so they will be safe?

  40. Hi Teri,

    There will be security at all of our sites so you are perfectly fine to leave your tent erected throughout the day, we would just advise that you don’t leave valuable in the tent, many thanks.

  41. margaret jordan says:

    Can you tell me if there will be somewhere I can charge my mobile? Because I will be away for 12 nights thanks

  42. there will be access to electrical points in the clubhouses, however access will be limited. If you are driving charging your phone in the car is also a good option.

  43. Sophie Kerr says:

    Hi, I’m working at the Olympic Park so I’m looking at Eton Manor, Barking and Match Day centres (I do not mind a change of campsite mid stay due to Eton being fully booked some nights).

    I’d like to know… which of these have laundry facilities onsite/nearby?
    Do any have lockers/what is security like for personal belongings?
    Is there wifi/computer access?
    Will there be charging points?
    What about cooking facilities? What sort of stoves are allowed?

    Sorry for all the questions! I could really do with internet as I need to be able to check emails for my year abroad preparation during this time!

    Thank you

  44. All sites allow camping stoves, allow access to charging points and either have laundry facilities onsite or close by. However unfortunately we don’t offer lockers and at the moment the only site with wifi is Eton Manor, but that may change. I hope this helps

  45. laura elliot says:

    Hi, I am coming over to London for 1 night….hopefully camping? It is not to see the Olymics, but to see a band in Camden. All the hotels are reeeeally expensive, and we love camping! It would be for 1 night for 2 people on 8th August 2012. My 2 questions are………..1) which campsite would it be best to stay at….the band is on in Camden and 2) will there be transport back to the site on a night? As I imagine the band will be on until midnightish, maybe a little later.

    Thank you for you time.


  46. Thanks for your enquiry. I imagine, Barking (nearest tube Beacontree), Eton Manor (nearest tube Wanstead) or Blackheath (nearest rail Eltham) will be the closest but check the Transport for London website for details. All the sites are only 5-10 minute walk from the nearest tube or bus stop and transport will be running all night in London, but we won’t be providing shuttle buses.

  47. Jyson says:

    I’m looking into doing some camping at one of your sites. I will be by myself, but was wondering if there will be lockers I could safely store my luggage bag in during the day. Otherwise, a hostel might be my only choice. Thanks!

  48. There aren’t any lockers I’m afraid, we are advising people to keep their belongings about their person!

  49. Colette says:

    I have a Games Maker flexi-camp booking with you & am doing research in preparation for buying the tent.
    I am confused about the size allowed – i know the pitch is 4m x 4m but so many of the tents i’m looking at are (just) over 4m long ie ~ 460 x 260; 410 x 360; 465 x 320; 490 x 310.
    To make this purchase wotk for us for use after the games i’d like to get the most spacious allowed within your rules (& within the £10); please advise
    kind regards

  50. Phoebe Kemp says:

    Hi there,

    I am a part-time powered wheelchair user, so would need somewhere safe to charge my wheelchair over night – are there any secure locations where I could do this?

  51. Lauren says:

    Hey I was just wondering what times you need to pitch your tent and take it down on the days you arrive and leave. I’m working at the Olympic park and need somewhere to stay on a Saturday night as I can’t get to work from where I live on Sunday morning so I need to see if the times fit in with when I’m working.

  52. Check in is 12pm, and check out is 11am. However, we are fairly flexible on this if your shifts do not align with these times.

  53. Which campsite are you at Phoebe?

  54. 16m2 is the tent size limit Colette, not to worry!

  55. Phoebe Kemp says:

    I haven’t booked one yet – I’m working in Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, so would like to stay somewhere in easy travelling of there.

  56. steph says:

    At last i have my shifts for the medical team at the paralympics how do I change my flexicamp booking?

  57. Heather says:

    Hi, we have made a single day booking but have found that you are not allowed to take your own alcohol to Eton Manor, we are planning to come for 5 days for the paralympics but chose your site due to the price, is this the same on all your sites? Thanks

  58. In small quantities we are allowing alcohol at Surbiton, Southgate and Match Day Centres.

  59. Jialong Liu says:

    I’ve booked camping from 30/07 to 10/08 and the Booking Reference no is CN26355.

    Since I don’t have a tent and can’t find anyone to share a pre-erated tent with me.

    I’d like to cancel my booking and get a refund for 7 days.

    Could you help with that? I’ve emailed you twice on 15/07 but got no reply until now.

    Thanks a lot and all the best.


  60. Hi Jialong, I emailed you on 10/07 :s I do not know why you would not have seen it… But concerning your refund, the maximum amount we can refund is 4 nights to you, so we can retain that 7 night minimum. I have given you a refund of this amount.