What are the health and safety considerations?

Camping is fun and generally a very safe activity; however we have included some important considerations:

Minimise the Risk of Fire:

1)     Park cars away from tents.
2)     Ensure portable BBQs and camping stoves are a safe distance from  tents.
3)     Provide four buckets of water and two buckets of sand for every 30 tents.
4)     Keep a gap of six metres between tents.
5)     Display an emergency meeting point and ensure it is pointed out on arrival.

Illness or injury:

1)     Display emergency numbers 999 and 911 (it is highly likely you will have foreign visitors camping as well)
2)     Display the nearest A&E hospital on a map and how to get there
3)     Display the nearest doctor’s surgery with opening times and phone number
4)     Display nearby chemists and opening times

Toilet and Water facilities:

1)      Provide adequate toilet facilities. These may be in a clubhouse but if it is locked at night, ensure you provide a portable loo for nocturnal visits. Make sure they are regularly cleaned and re-stocked.
2)      Provide access to clean drinking water 24/7 and water for washing up.

Access in and out:

1)     Provide clear signage
2)     Keep cars away from the camping area and tents where children are likely run around
3)     Make it obvious, with the use of cones or markers, the way in and out of the car park
4)     Provide a couple of wheel barrows/hand carts to help campers get their gear from the cars to the camping area

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