How do we set up a camping area?

This obviously depends upon your site but a little planning and some simple rules will make life a lot simpler. Use your volunteers to help organise your camping field and get someone who is good at organising a team of people to oversee the process. Below is a list of things to consider:

  • Work out the space you are willing to use and measure it out in m2. It doesn’t have to be a square or rectangle; tents can fit into all kinds of spaces.
  • A 4mx4m size area should easily fit most tents.
  • Tents should be spaced 6m apart (otherwise it is a fire hazard)
  • Organise tents in rows (see diagram on the next page)
  • Set up a fire point (four buckets of water & two buckets of sand placed in the middle of the campsite per 30 tents will suffice)
  • Parking should be set-up away from the tents, allowing you to maximise camping and parking space – you also probably don’t want anyone driving on your grass.
  • Get volunteers to mark out pitches – simple stakes in the ground work very well.
  • Provide clear signage to toilet and water facilities.
  • Provide clear signage to public transport links as well as approximate timings and last bus and tube services.
  • Provide adequate recycling and waste disposal points.
  • If you are going to allow bbqs (you don’t have to, it is up to you), provide bricks for people to keep them off the ground.

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