How do we minimise the environmental impact?

To minimise a camper’s impact at your site there are a few simple things you can do:

1)     Provide access to toilets 24 hours a day.
2)     Provide recycling points on the campsite explaining exactly  what can be recycled.
3)     Provide people with a bin bag on arrival.
4)     Provide waste points next to recycling points.
5)     Provide public transport information and encourage car free days.
6)     Provide blocks to raise disposable BBQs off the ground (if you choose to allow people to use them).
7)     Let people know, both on site and on your ‘Camping at the Games’ profile, where local produce can be bought if possible.
8)     Provide a freezer block freezing service if possible.
9)     Encourage people to arrive by Public transport in the first place. ‘Camping at the Games’ will also be promoting this.

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