Are there any additional revenue opportunities?

Having Olympic campers staying with you is a great opportunity to make additional revenue whilst creating a fantastic atmosphere. Here are a few ideas to start with:

  • BBQ evenings are an easy and great way to increase funds, engage volunteers and provide real added value to your Olympic Campers.
  • Breakfast Service: why not provide bacon rolls, tea, coffee , the usual fare – all of these are simple and always a winner. You could even create a premier version for 50p/£1 more and offer a breakfast delivery service to individual’s tents; all orders can be taken the night before!
  • Make the most of your bar: if you already have a bar on site then having hundreds of campers staying on site during the Olympics with long summer evenings is sure to really help boost your funds.
  • Big screens: If you have or could get hold of large TV screens these would be great to enable people to follow the rest of the Olympics action. They also mean people in your clubhouse likely spending money at the bar.
  • Shop: Get hold of some camping essentials and food basics for people to purchase during their stay from your clubhouse. If you are keen on this we can advise you further.

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