Eton Manor Rugby Club Camping near the 2012 Olympics & Paralympics – East London

Eton Manor is located at the heart of the Games, only 9 minutes via Tube to the Olympic Park and easily accessible to a number of Olympic and Paralympic venues, this is the perfect site for ticket holders and volunteers who want to soak up the Olympic fever!

Previously listed as Camp 2012 Eton manor has joined forces with Camping at the Games to offer great value accommodation in a superb location for families and groups alike!

Founded over 100 years ago on the fringes of East London and formerly known as EMBC, Eton Manor gave boys from ordinary backgrounds the chance to enjoy a wide variety of sports and games in a safe and spacious environment. Now reformed as Eton Manor Rugby Club its work in youth development is even greater today, and it boasts one of the friendliest clubhouses in Essex, that is well worth a visit!
John Dixon, West Sussex

The staff are friendly and helpful. The site is kep clean and the facilities are well maintained. The food is excellent and well priced. The club house is open 24/7 and there are plenty of charging points for phones/tablets etc. I’m really enjoying my stay. Many thanks to Eton Manor RFC :)  

Eton Manor Rugby Club is looking forward to the forthcoming London 2012 Games which is right on their doorstep, and cannot wait to open its gates and welcome Olympic and Paralympic visitors.

Parking, 24 hr running water, showers, toilets, allocated washing up area, bar – serving cold beverages, alcohol, hot drinks and snacks (including breakfast), large screen TVs, BBQ nights, 24 hour security, wash-up area, electric razor and toothbrush points, charging points, wifi and Pre-erected tents available to hire.

Who is Eton Manor Rugby Club Camping best for?

Families, groups of friendscouples; and volunteers.

A great alternative campsite near the Olympic Park is Match Day Centres.

All camping bookings for Eton Manor Rugby Club are made securely online using Campingninja, the UK’s largest online campsite booking provider. When clicking book now you will be automatically taken through to to make your booking.
N.B.You will be sent a confirmation email as soon as the booking is made, which you use to check-in at Eton Manor Rugby Club.

House rules

  • Strictly tent only
  • No animals
  • Alcohol onsite must be purchased from the clubhouse bar
  • Gas stoves are permitted but no BBQ’s on site

Hot food and drinks
A variety of hot breakfast rolls willl be served from 6am and jacket potatoes, a variety of pasta dishes and pizza will be available in the clubhouse during the daytime and the evenings. There will also be frequent BBQ nights. The clubhouse bar will be open from 11am-11pm on weekdays and 11am-12am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Blacks on-site camping store
We are delighted to have joined forces with Blacks to offer you a mobile campsite shop for any of those last minute camping essentials that you may have forgotten to pack! Blacks will be visiting Staines HC at periodic intervals most days and aside from pledging to match in-store prices, including sale items, a commission from all sales will go back to the sports clubs! Details on when the campsite store will be arriving on site will be provided when you check in, however you can also order kit online here and Camping at the Games customers receive an exclusive 10% discount upon purchase when you enter the discount code campingatthegames


Travelling to Eton Manor by car:

From the Redbridge Roundabout at the beginning of the M11 take the exit signposted –  A12 The City/Stratford/Docklands. Keep in the left hand lane and take the second exit signposted Wanstead on to Harrier Avenue. Follow the road and keep right when it becomes two lanes until you come to a set of lights. The George pub will be on your right hand side. Turn right onto Wanstead High Street. Continue along the high street until you come to the first right hand turn, just after a pedestrian crossing, turn right onto Grove Park. There is a Co-op supermarket on your left hand side and 20 metres further along there is right hand fork called The Avenue turn here, drive to the bottom, turn right on to Leicester Ave and then almost immediately left onto Nutter Lane. Continue Nutter lane (you will pass a football and Cricket club on Nutter Field – that is not the rugby club) until you reach a dog leg to the right as the road becomes Preston Drive. Carry on straight (do not turn onto Preston Drive) down a small lane with Speed bumps. When you get to the end of the lane the rugby club is on your right.

Travelling to and from Eton Manor via rail/tube:

The closet tube station is Wanstead  on the Hainault Branch of the Central line. Wanstead – come out of the tube station and cross over the dual carriageway at the traffic lights. With the George pub on your left walk back down Kingsfisher Avenue (this runs alongside the Eastern Avenue). Just after you pass under a footbridge that crosses the A12 you will come to a left turn accessible by foot only – Nutter Lane. Walk down Nutter lane (you will pass a football and Cricket club on Nutter Field – that is not the rugby club) until you reach a dog leg to the right as the road becomes Preston Drive. Carry on straight (do not turn onto Preston Drive) down a small lane with Speed bumps. When you get to the end of the lane the rugby club is on your right. The walk should take no more than 15 mins and from the station Leyton is only 2 tube stops away, Excel and Central London are also easily accessible.

 Gary Davies, Eton Manor Rugby Club, comments: “We are delighted to be working with Camping at the Games on this project. We are in a fantastic spot for the Olympics and this is a great way for us to gain something from the Olympic legacy. In 2009 we received the RFU’s Gold Seal of Approval Award for Youth Development, and we would like to increase the funds we have available to extend this work!”


  1. David cruickshank says:

    Is there wifi and mobile charging points at Eton Dorney?

  2. Hi there,

    There will be access to power points in the clubhouse, but it will be limited and at your own risk. Also if you are driving you should be able to access to power from your car. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other queries.

  3. mark ochoa says:

    Hi there

    We will be coming down on the 4th August for 2 nights. What time would we have to give up our pitch on the 6th? We are going to an event early morning and would be back at the site & depart by 2pm. Is this to late?


  4. Darren says:

    What are the laundry facilites at eton manor? and can I leave my tent there for a couple of days?

  5. Lee Clarke says:

    Hi, I was just wondering about washing and drying facilities.

    It does say ‘washing up area’ but nothing more specific.


  6. Hi Lee,

    There will be washing up areas for washing up plates / cups that type of thing. If you mean laundry we are currently putting together details of laundry facilities on and off site for all of the campsites. We should have the info up on the website by the end of the week for you about this.

  7. We have been chatting to Eton Manor and they will have laundry facilities. Do you mean leave your tent there free of charge? If so, that won’t be possible as they need the space. Even if it was taken down they won’t look after people’s belongings as they don’t have the space or resources. You could leave it up for a couple of days if you paid for it to be there….

  8. The checkout time is 11am, however you can leave your car in the car park to collect later so you could put down the tent before you go to your early morning event and store in your car. On the actual day you may be able to talk with the campsite manager to see if they let you leave it up a bit longer – it will depend on bookings arriving that day…

  9. caroline says:

    I’m a games maker volunteer and trying to book eton manner for the para olympics but says not available. is it already full? is there a waiting list.

  10. Hi Caroline,

    At the moment Eton Manor is only open during the Olympics as they have fixtures in early September, however we are looking into the feasibility of the club opening during the Paralympics too. If you book another of our sites through Flexi-Camp, we can always change your booking if Eton Manor becomes available, we will announce details as soon as we know more. Many thanks for your enquiry, let me know if we can help with anything else.

  11. Maz says:

    Is it possible to bring a minibus down with 14 of us wanting to camp? (sat 4th aug) Will there be anywhere to park it?

  12. Absolutely yes. There will be room to park a mini-bus – far more environmentally friendly than 14 cars!! Let us know if you need any help with the booking – you can call our group booking number: 0118 9421307

  13. Derek says:

    Will a cycle route map be available, as we would prefer to cycle to the Olympic park, than use the tube

  14. James says:

    I am a games maker and just wondering if there are any provisions for security of belongings, we’ve been told the shifts will be 12 hours long and I’m not sure I feel comfortable leaving my things in a tent all day. Are there any lockers or something simular?

  15. keelie says:

    will the parking be near the tent pitches ? and will the volunteers be sectioned in one area ?

  16. Hi Keelie,

    The car park is adjacent to the camping area, but we can’t allow cars to be parked on the camping field itself as they are match pitches.

    And yes there will be an area of the campsites especially for volunteers but it’s up to Games Makers if they wish to camp here. I hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions.

  17. Hi James,

    Unfortunately lockers are not be available at this stage, however it is something we are looking into. There will be onsite security throughout the day and for our central sites such as Blackheath and Eton Manor this will be 24 hr to help minimise the risk of theft, so we are suggesting that campers do not leave valuable items such as phones or wallets un-attended. We will keep you updated if there is any change on the locker situation, I hope this helps.

  18. Yes we can certainly arrange for these to be available at the site as I imagine it will be a fairly short route, many thanks.

  19. Derek says:

    Is the camping site within the congestion charge zone

  20. adrienne says:

    Hi, I’d be working in the catering section during the olympics and paralympics, but don’t know which venue I’ll be working at yet.
    Would it be possible to book through the flexi-camp?

  21. Richard says:

    As a gamesmaker already booked in, I think it’s a great idea to have a separate area for us to camp as we could be coming and going at all hours. I’ve actually visited the club already to check out the facilities and it looks great but at the moment it appears you only have the communal home and away changing room showers and loos for rugby players. Am I right in assuming there will there be others?

  22. No, not in the congestion zone!

  23. Yes, it is definitely possible as you can book a venue which is likely to be good for quite a lot of Olympic / Paralympic locations and change the location if you need to. However, it is important you know that it is all subject to availability. We don’t envisage this being a problem as if the campsite get full we have nearby back-up locations we intend to open up.

  24. Yes, we thought it would also be good for you to get to know each other and would imagine there would be a good atmosphere as well. As for the showers and loos we are working with the clubs to make sure the right amount of facilities are provided depending on how many people will be staying.

  25. Games Maker says:

    If camping in tents, is there anywhere can use electricity plug points to charge phone/use a hairdryer?

  26. Mark says:

    If using a small two man tent during my time working as a Games Maker, do I have to pay for tent pitch or is this included in the £10 a night price? I want to book a pitch but was not sure whether I would also need to pay the extra £5 a night? Thanks

  27. Jo Guy says:

    We have tickets for the paraolympics and would like to stay at your site in our motorhome – we are totally self sufficient. Is there space for motorhomes or would we be in the normal carpark?

  28. tony says:

    As a games maker looking to book.Just one question as we have to try and keep the uniform clean and tidy, will there be walkways because it is bound to rain and the pitches will turn into a quadmire??

  29. Lucy says:

    Hiya, is space available for caravans or is it tents only? If so, do you know of anyone offering caravan pitches during the Olympics/Paralympics. My dad and I are both Games Makers and we were going to try and make use of the caravan – bit more civilised than a tent! Cheers.

  30. Hi Lucy,

    I’m afraid our sites are tent only, there are some sites available that offer caravans. I would have a look online as I’m not sure where they are located and how central they are, thanks.

  31. Hi Jo,

    Sorry our sites are tent only, however if you camp we could allow you to park your motorhome in the car park if this is your only mode of transport.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  32. Hi Mark,

    If your tent is less than 4mx4m then there is no extra cost the total cost for the night will be £10 per night.

    Many thanks.

  33. Hi there,

    There will be charging points but and limited access to hair drying points. Let us know if you have any questions, many thanks.

  34. Hi Tony,

    I’m afraid it is unlikely that there will be walkways, as this could be very costly for the clubs. I would suggest bringing a pair of wellies just in case and we do have a laundry service at most of our sites so you will be able to wash your uniform.

  35. Yes there will be electric points in the clubhouse but they will be limited.

  36. Chris Richardson says:

    we have been asked to work from 15th July would it be possible to book from themn or is it just while games are on.

  37. Hi Chris,

    Unfortunately as our sites are being run under a temporary campsite licence we cannot open them for a period longer than a day or two prior to the games as we also have the Paralympics to consider. However one of our sites is applying for planning permission so we may be able to extend this period, we will keep you updated.

  38. Mark says:

    Hello, i know there’s been talks centring around putting washing machines into the campsite, i was just wondering if this the case now as i’m a games maker and will need to wash my uniform?

  39. sonia says:

    hi iam a games maker for the paraolympics you say on your website that you are open for the paras but when i try and book the web site wont let me i need 12 night from 28 aug to 9th sept thanks

  40. Hi there,

    Which site are you trying to book?

  41. Hi Mark,

    We are still finalising details, however if not washing machines on site a laundry service will be made easily accessible to Games Makers. We will update you with further details asap. Thanks again for your enquiry.

  42. Nat K says:

    Hi, I’d just like to ask whether booking through flexi-camp is applicable to me as I will be working in the Olympic park, not a volunteer/Games maker.
    Also, how would security at the campsite be like?

  43. Hi,

    Unfortunately not. The only thing they get extra from anyone else is the ability to make changes to their bookings as they don’t know any of their shift patterns, plus aren’t earning anything. For everyone else they can change their bookings at any time (subject to availability) but will be subject to a £10 admin fee and the refund policy.

    Eton manor will be manned 24/7. It is in a very secluded and secure location so we don’t anticipate any security problems. However, we don’t advice anyone to be leaving any valuables about at all.

    Hope that helps.

  44. sonia says:

    Eton Manor Rugby Club please

  45. Hi Sonia,

    Unfortunately this site is only open from the 29th August at this stage, but Blackheath is open from the 28th which is also close to the Olympic Park, so perhaps you could stay here for the first night and then relocate to Eton Manor? Sorry for the inconvenience, I will update you if there is any change, thanks.

  46. clare says:

    I am a Gamesmaker at the paralympics I have tried to book at Eton Manor but it says wont let me?

  47. Ruth says:

    Are we allowed to bring our own cooking facilities or do we have to purchase food and drink from the club?

  48. Hi Ruth,

    Yes you can bring your own food and gas stoves, but no BBQ’s I’m afraid. There will be reasonably priced hot snacks, breakfast and a club BBQ available at the as well.

  49. Hi Clare,

    I have updated the dates, the site will be open from the 28th Aug so if you search for availability from this date up until the night of the 8th this should appear. Unfortunately we cannot open the site for any longer during this period. Let me know if you have any problems, many thanks.

  50. Hi Sonia,

    We have opened Eton Manor from the 28th August now, I hope this helps.

  51. Emma says:

    There’s an article in the local Wanstead newspaper claiming that the council have rejected the application for the campsite at Eton Manor Rugby Club. As a Gamesmaker this is quite a concern as it’s important I have confidence in my accommodation. Can you confirm the situation please?

  52. Hi Emma,

    The article in the Wanstead newspaper was actually very muddled as it confused the Eton Manor campsite with a car park application for completely separate site that has no connection with the sports club. Eton Manor had submitted a more advanced campsite application which would enable them to extend their plans, however they have now withdrawn this and as planned will continue to host the campsite under the 28 day permitted development rules during the Olympics and Paralympics. Let us know if you have any queries, thanks.

  53. Emma says:

    That’s great – thank you for the swift response!

  54. No problem, we can understand why it was confusing!

  55. Natalie says:

    Hi, I am sorry if this has already been asked…but will there to access to plug sockets for the use of hair dryers etc. I see there are plug sockets available in the club house for charging phones etc but will there be electric points somewhere else aswell?

  56. Hi Natalie,
    There will be limited pug sockets available in the changing rooms as well. It might also be worth bringing an adapter for your car if that’s possible. I hope this helps,thanks.

  57. Keith Reed says:

    Our tent is 4.5 x 3m. Will we have to pay the extra £5 per night

  58. Lee Clarke says:

    Thanks, I have made my flexi booking and now know my shifts, how do I alter/extend my stay?

  59. Hi,

    Just email us at or call: 01252 279123 and we can make the changes for you.

  60. No, that will be ok as it covers less metres squared than 4m x 4m

  61. Kevin says:


    I’ve just received my shifts and I start at 7.30am on 26th July, but it says (on CampingNinja) that the Eton Manor RC site is open from 26th July only, do you think it would be possible to book and arrive on the evening of 25th July?


  62. Karen says:

    Would you be able to say whether there will be any facility to freeze icepacks? It would be good to be able to keep a pint of milk cool during the night for my breakfast at 6 o’clock in the morning!!

  63. Hi Karen,

    Unfortunately we will not be able to offer this facility as there are no electric hook ups at your tent and we do not have a communal fridge/freezer. However the site will be serving teas, coffees and breakfast from 6am or I think a cool box would probably do the trick.

  64. Hi Kevin,

    We have a few Games Makers in the same boat so we are trying to find capacity to open up our sites earlier. I have taken a note of your email address and will keep you updated, but please do keep an eye on the website as well as we should have more clarity in the next few days, many thanks.

  65. Susan Whitehouse says:

    Hi Just been accepted as Games Maker for para olympics and was wondering can I access your campsites by public transport if I leave my car at home. Also is there secruity at site when we are away at games. Many Thanks

  66. Hi Susan,

    All of our sites, in particular Eton Manor are easily accessible via public transport as both Wanstead tube stop and several bus routes are only a very short walk from the site. There will also be security throughout the day at Eton Manor, although I would advise that you also store valuable safely. Thanks for your enquiry.

  67. Anonymous says:

    I think that gamesmakers are given a with the uniform, I intend on carrying my wallet and phone in hat during he day. :D

  68. I imagine there will be somewhere to keep your phone and wallet at the ground as volunteers will need access to these, if not good luck with your hat plan!

  69. Gabe Capes says:

    Hi, i am volenteering for the paralympics are you still ope into september? also my tent is 4M x 4M does that mean i will have to pay the extra £10? or is it the extra charge if it is over that?

  70. jefry says:

    we want to know if there is place in the camping yet, to do the book now.
    we are a group of friends that want to enjoy the olympic games.


  71. Hi Jefry,

    Yes we are certainly taking bookings and we still have some availability. Hit the book now button and enter your dates and the number of people and all bookings will be processed on line, thanks.

  72. Hi Gabe,

    Eton Manor is open for the Paralympic period and will close on the 9th September. There is now extra cost for your tent unless it exceeds 4MX4M, thanks.

  73. Jen says:

    Will our tent be secure while we are away at an event? i.e. as long as we take valuables with us is it ok to leave the tent pitched, clothes etc. inside while we are out for the day? If not, for those travelling on public transport who don’t have cars to lock things in, will there be locker facilities?

  74. Yes, your tent and clothes etc will be secure. The site is manned 24/7. Thanks

  75. Eric says:

    Hello, I am coming from Canada to watch the wrestling at EXCEL. How far away are your sites from this venue. Walking? Train? Also, I will be travelling alone, do you have pre-erected tents for one person?

  76. Hi Eric, The best campsite for Excel is Eton Manor – 25 mins by public transport (underground / tube). Our pre-erected tents are all standard sizes, but you can still hire one out. It’s £25 oer night plus your per person cost (£10 a night) so for you would be £35 a night.

  77. Amy Dent says:

    I am volunteering at the olympics and my start date is Monday 23rd July, therefore would want accommodation from Sunday 22nd July for 17 nights. Would it be possible to arrive on the 22nd?

  78. Hi Amy,

    Unfortunately we cannot open our Eton Manor site any earlier as we are restricted on days, however we do have another site in Walthamstow the Match Day Centres, which is only a 20 minute bus ride to the Park. I would suggest either transferring your booking to this site or pitching here up until the 26th July and then moving across to Eton Manor. Email if you want to change your booking, thanks!

  79. Serena Mathews says:

    Hi there,

    Can you just confirm the maximum tent size. I have seen 4m x 4m and also 4msq which are different measurements.

    Many thanks


  80. Hi Serena,
    Apologies for the confusion. Tent sizes up to 4m X 4m are Free of charge and do not incur any additional costs. Tents that are 4m X 4m or larger are charged at £5 per night. Hope that makes sense Serena. Can you tell us where you saw the 4msq mentioned?
    Thanks Serena


  81. Keith Barker says:

    Which is the best site for excell center, Eton Manor or Blackheath?

  82. Sophie S says:

    We will be walking over from a station or bus stop too, as we are international travellers without a car at our disposal. Hoping there will be signs clearly marking the way!

  83. Yes there will be signage in place.

  84. Hi there,

    Check out this link with details of travel times from campsites to venues.

  85. Susan Whitehouse says:

    Still waiting for my shifts. Any news on laundry facilities. Thanks

  86. Ben says:

    Will you be opening up for the Heineken Cup Final?

  87. Hi Ben,

    Sorry this is for Olympic and Parlympic camping only.

  88. keelie says:

    hello again, could you confirm what time i can arrive on the 26th July. I am planning on leaving home early and wondered what time we could get pitched up. thx

  89. Mick says:

    Probably the daft question of the day, but how far is Eton Manor campsite from the Eton Manor Wheelchair Tennis venue….?

    Also, how far is Eton Manor campsite from the Olympic Stadium on foot? And is it a pleasant route?

  90. Mick says:

    Not sure how the bookings are going for pre-erected tents, but I’ll have my 4 bedroom family tent up for the duration of the Paralympics so happy to share with other gamesmakers (who can maybe then help put the thing up!).

    Is there any way of getting in contact with others who might be interested in sharing? Anyone know of a facebook group for gamesmakers working at the Paralympics?

  91. Hi Mick,

    Have you posted anything on our FB page? Also try the GM2012 forum Good luck on filling it!

  92. Hi Keelie,

    Anytime after 9am will be fine.

  93. Hi Mick,

    No not a daft question at all! The Wheelchair tennis is actually in an area of the Olympic Stadium in the Eton Manor Arena – confusing The stadium is 9 minutes away via tube but it’s quite a walk and will take over an hour, I can’t vouch for the scenery along the way but I imagine it will be mixed as you get closer to the Park. I hope this helps, many thanks.

  94. Mairead McMahon says:

    Hi there, I am a games maker and considering camping at Eton with my friend that will be working there. However I am based at Wembley Arena, is there sufficient transport from Eton to Wembley? As I am coming from Northern Ireland and haven’t a clue!

  95. Tony says:

    I am working as a Games Maker at Exel for the Olympics and wondered if there are any other volunteers camping with you who will be working at the same venue. It would help my decision to book to know there are going to be colleagues at the same site.
    I do have a tent but it might be useful to share a larger pre-erected tent with a colleague if the situation arises?

  96. Hi Tony,

    Try posting on our FB Page, this is where a lot of the GM’s who have booked will be chatting

  97. Hi Mairead,

    There is certainly sufficient transport and Eton Manor is as close as any of our sites, I have copied the link below which shows the travel times from campsites to venues. Obviously during the Olympic period there will be more congestion so you will nedd to allow contingency time, but as you are head away from the Olympic Park this may not be quite as bad.


  98. Hi Susan,

    There will be laundry facilities available, we are just firming up details. We will know more closer to the time when we have a better idea on Games Maker number, thanks.

  99. keelie says:

    brilliant thank you :)

  100. Gary says:

    I will be working the duration of the games and beyond in the broadcasting area and will require camping. Is this classed as Gamesmaker? I dont currently have available info on which broadcaster I am working for. Also, I will be starting on 24th, is it possible to camp a night sooner or is the club tied to council regulations. Many thanks in advance for your advice.

  101. Susan Whitehouse says:

    Sorry its me again. I’m a Gamesmaker at the Paralympics. Have booked tonight and nothing says its flexi-camp do hope it is and I have done it right as I dont have my shifts yet. Many Thanks Again!!!!!

  102. David says:

    I am a Gamesmaker who is considering camping at Eton Manor for the Olympics and Paralympics. I don’t currently know my shifts but have tried to book for the full period of the Games. The webiste has come up with the deposit being the same amount as the total cost of the stay. Does this mean that once I know my shifts if I later cancel some of the nights that I will not be refunded for those nights?

  103. Hi David,

    Yes if you have to reduce your stay we will refund you in full for the nights you no longer require, providing your stay still exceeds 6 nights. Thanks.

  104. Hi Susan,

    If you haven’t selected flexi-camp as part of your booking please email with your booking reference number and details on your role, thanks.

  105. Hi Gary,

    Sure go ahead and book under flexi-camp if you do not know your shifts. Unfortunately we cannot extend the opening dates at Eton Manor, however the Match Day Centres will be open during this period

  106. helen kerslake says:

    Hi David,
    I am a gamesmaker for the paralypmics but shifts start @ 6 am. Have checked the tube running times but unsure of very early starts at Wanstead station or buses. Which bus routes run and from where and will there be anyone on site to ask should there be a problem/questions. Also shifts are not in wk long stretches eg. 3 days on, gap, two days on, gap and three days on – Not ideal but wish to book according to need however suggested minimun of 6 days. By way, you are doing well to answer all these questions from me as well as others

  107. Hi David,

    The tubes are running from 4am during the Olympics so getting to the Park won’t be a problem. There will be 24 hour staff onsite at Eton Manor. With regards to your days in order to book around the gaps you can make separate bookings for each few days that you require, but in the special instructions just write that this is part of one booking. Either that or feel free to stay on at the site, it maybe cheaper than travelling home and there will be plenty to do in the area and the clubhouse.

    Thanks for your enquiry!

  108. Derek says:

    How easy will it be to cycle to the Olympic Park, are there going to be cycles routes and roughly how long will it take.


  109. Sally says:


    Further to the comment about the gamesmaker early shifts, tfl still seem to be elusive about the underground start times.

    The tfl website still says:
    ‘During the Olympic Games, services will generally start between 5-5.30am as usual. On Sundays, the Tube and DLR services will start approximately 30-45 minutes earlier in the morning, between 5.45 and 6.00am’

    We’ll wait to see what happens with the start times

    However, for Eton Manor, though, the tfl timetable shows that the M8 night bus goes from Wanstead every 20 mins, to Stratford High Street with a short walk to southern entrance or slightly further to the Eastern entrance – journey time 16 mins. (I think that there’s a night route bus stop closer to the camp on the main road).

    I am thinking that this might be a good option for the really early shifts. I hadn’t even thought about looking at night bus routes when I chose Eton Manor.

  110. Hi Sally,

    Yes there will be a number of night buses running, this is a great piece of information. Please feel free to converse with other Games Makers on our Facebook Page

  111. Hi Derek,

    The Olympic Park is about 6 miles from Wanstead so it’s definitely in cycle distance, but I’m not aware of a cycle path. I would suggest mapping the route online.

  112. Anna says:

    Hi I will be working at the excel centre during my games maker shifts and have some very early starts, how far is Eton Manor and will I be able to get transport to the excel centre early morning.

  113. Rachael Allen says:

    I going to camp but my boyfriend want to come and stay overnight for 1 night. Can I add him to my booking or do i have to book for 2 people for the hole 2 weeks.

  114. Towny says:

    Going to Eton Manor campsite on the 1st August – can you tell me what time we can arrive please

  115. Keith Barker says:

    Seem to have late shifts finishing at 2,30 and 3,30am at excel center can I get back to Eton Manor site. Also a have few free days between shifts, much around eton manor and is it a good safe place to wander around?
    Thanks, Keith from Cornwall

  116. Mary says:

    Hi is it possible to book for the duration of the games – medical gamesmakers shifts still havn’t been done for Olympic Park with just a few weeks to go – for one person but pay £10 extra when there if husband stays after putting the tent up for me ?!

  117. helen kerslake says:

    Hi Sally,
    Thanks for this information – your a star. Must be thousands of us early/very late starters out there that will also benefit from this.

  118. Hi Mary,

    Yes we are still offering the flexi-camp package, so you can book for the entire period and then we will refund the excess days, providing your stay still exceeds 6 nights, which I am sure it will. As your husband will be sharing your tent if he stays on and will only be on site for a brief spell then you can book him a spot closer to the time as he won’t require additional pitch space…if the site is full by time you book his space give us a call and we will process this for you.

  119. Hi Keith,

    As far as I am aware the tubes will be closing around 2am during the Olympics so it may be difficult for you to get back to Eton Manor in the evening. Wanstead is a lovely area, however the areas you may have to pass through on route might not be quite so nice. I would suggest contacting Transport for London to find out more information on travel times during the games, and perhaps contact Locog to find out what the options are for Games Makers finishing late.

  120. Hi there,

    Check-in will be from 12pm onwards.

  121. No that’s fine, make a separate booking for him and just note in the instructions that he will not be bringing a tent.


  122. Hi Anna,

    I have copied the link below, which shows travel times from camps to venues, Tubes will be running for an extended period during the games and there will be night buses running all evening, more details can be found on the Transport for London website

  123. Barbora says:


    what about safety in the camping site? Can I leave some usual things in my tenty? Will be tents guarded?

    Thanks, Barbora

  124. Katie Knight says:


    I’m a games maker and will be based at the Olympic Stadium from the 25th July – 10th Aug. I was wondering what time Eton Manor will be open from to pitch tents? My shift starts at 1.45PM on the 25th so I’m just trying to figure out if I’d be able to pitch the tent before going to my shift (as it doesn’t finish until 1.30AM)

  125. Lisa P-S says:

    Hi I am a gamesmaker and have 12 shifts
    Some of my shifts finish at midnight and some start at 0630 so I will be coming and going from the site during the small hours, will this be a problem???? How well lit is the area with regards to how easy will I find my tent in the dark???
    Also concerned about charging my phone which I use as an alarm clock if I am not returning to the camp until 1am or later .

  126. Lisa P-S says:

    How soon would you recommend booking as I have not yet made up my mind as worried about camping for 13 nights!!!!!

    Also how long does it take to walk to the station?

    Are Snaresbrook and Wanstead the local stations?

    Sorry for all the questions

  127. Hi Lisa,

    Wanstead station is a 10 minute walk from Eton Manor, Redbridge station is also close. I would advise booking before the end of the month as Eton Manor is our most popular site and obviously you have quite a long stay to secure. There are lots of Games Makers camping at the site so there should be a really good atmosphere, Eton Manor also has great clubhouse facilities.

  128. Hi Lisa,

    The area will be well lit with security lighting and we anticipate that a lot of the GMs we have booked will be in the same boat so it isn’t a problem that you will be arriving late at night and leaving early in the morning, we would just advise that you are as quiet as possible. There will be charging points available, but they will be limited. If you are bringing your car I would also suggest investing in an adapter.

  129. Hi Katie,

    As this is the first day the site will be open and we don’t need to allow for people to check out anytime after 9am will be fine to check in.

  130. Hi Barbora,

    There will be 24 hour security on site, but I would advise that you don’t leave valuables in the tent.

  131. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for that will probably book by the end of the week

  132. Marcus says:

    Hello there. Will thr carpark be far from the tents or will you be able to park next to your tent? Just wondering about charging phone/etc. thank you – all sounds great!

  133. Michelle Hopkins says:

    Have you actually got council permission for this site, there was an article in the Guardian saying that permission had been denied by the Council?

  134. Melissa says:

    Can you tell me what date Eton Manor opens?

    Thanks :)

  135. Ryan Postlethwaite says:


    I’ve just tried booking dates here between 27 July – 12 August, but it says they aren’t available. Can you advise whether or not some dates are fully booked now?

    Many thanks,


  136. Jonathan C says:


    I’m another Games Maker so am also keen to hear about the laundry for keeping my uniform clean. Also (I don’t think it’s been mentioned anywhere) will there be ironing facilities?

    Many thanks

  137. John May says:

    Hi there,

    I am a Gamesmaker and need somewhere to park my motorhome for the 2 weeks that I am on duty. Do you allow motorhomes or are you restricting it only to tents?

  138. Hi John,

    Unfortunately the site is for tent only, this is a condition of the Permitted Development Act. We are hiring out 4 man pre-erected tents for £25 per night, plus the £10 camping fee, this can all be booked online. Thanks for your query John.

  139. We have released some more grass space but for some dates availability is running very low so I would advise booking online asap.

  140. 25th July, potentially earlier but this is all we can confirm for now, thanks Melissa.

  141. Hi Michelle,

    Eton Manor are currently applying for planning permission to extend the opening dates of the site. However Under the Permitted Development Act we do not require planning permission or a campsite licence to operate a temporary tent only campsite for up to 28 days.

    I hope this make sense, apologies for any confusion.

  142. Hi Marcus,

    I’m afraid parking will not be pitch side but only a few minutes walk for the clubhouse.

  143. Great we are running low on availability so book asap if you can.

  144. Hi Jonathan,

    Just firming details up for Eton Manor, once we have a clear idea on demand we can select the best option, but there will definitely be facilities in place and we should have a more information soon. Thanks Jonathan

  145. David Bull says:

    Will there be anywhere to park/lock bikes at the Eton Manor site?

  146. Hi David,

    There are not specific bike locks but there will be secure railings to padlock bikes to.

    Thanks for your queries.

  147. Arnaud says:


    We booked for 3 nights but we come all the way from Belgium and we are not used to drive in London.

    Do we have to do something special to be able to drive to the camping (do you have to pay to drive in London?).

    Can you easily reach the site and can we park the car safely?



  148. nicky says:

    hey, im a games maker and was planning to get public transport to the campsite. if i wanted to drive up and bring my car to the campsite do i have to change anything on my booking or is it already allocated for me to bring my car?

  149. CLAIRE MC says:

    Does it matter if when I book I put we will be travelling by car and then end up not using the car and travelling by train?

  150. Rachel says:

    Hi, what time is check out time? can we leave our car in the car park even if we have checked out until our shift is over? also i am working 5:45 am. will the tubes be open then? thanks

  151. manal says:

    Is the ground safe for children? we are planning to stay for one week .

  152. Paul Caine says:

    Hi, I have booked camping and will be driving up from Cornwall, my vehicle is a van not a car, taller and slightly longer than a car, will parking be ok for this?

    Many thanks, really looking forward to it.

  153. Yes that should be fine providing it fits into an ordinary parking bay.

  154. Absolutely, we have a number of families planning to stay here during the games, thanks for your enquiry.

  155. Hi Rachel,

    Check out is 11am and yes you are free to leave your vehicles until your shift is over providing you have taken your tent down. Check out the travel blog for details on getting about

  156. Hi Claire,

    That’s no problem, could you email your booking reference and the change to Thanks.

  157. Hi Nicky,

    A car parking space is included with your pitch, but if you could email with your booking reference we will make a note of this for our records, thanks!

  158. Hi there,

    There is no congestion zone for Eton Manor therefore there is no charge to drive in that area of London and there is a secure car park at the site. This site is almost full though so I would suggest booking very soon, thanks!

  159. Antony says:

    I am a Games Maker at Excel Centre. My last shift is Friday 10 August at 5.45 am. Will I be able to take my tent down and checkout when I return that afternoon, as I plan to leave the site that night?

  160. Andrew says:

    Can you tell me how you are allocating pitches, will there be seperate areas for gamesmakers to pitch, and is it first come first serve for spots as im booked on 26th but noticed site opens on 25th.

  161. Hi there,

    Pitches will not be marked as there is lots of space and there will be an area specifically for Games Makers.

  162. Hi Antony,

    Yes that’s fine, but you will need to let the campsite know when you pitch up, thanks.

  163. Kathy Gould says:

    I’ve just got my shifts and am planning to make my booking asap. However I would need to arrive on either Sunday 22 July or Monday 23rd and the calendar shows that Eton Manor site is not open. Has that changed for Games Makers or will I need to make other arrangements?

  164. Naomi says:

    Whats the availability like for Eaton Manor? Im trying to sort out my shifts and still dont know the dates.
    Is there enough space for me to wait or should I book now?

  165. Jason says:


    I’ve booked a pitch at Eton Manor for the duration of the Olympics. I have a tent that is 4.8m x 2.7m. If I brought it, would I have to pay the extra £5 per night?


  166. Steve Lagor says:

    I have booked at eton manor for just over two weeks for the Olympics but I have noticed my last shift ends at midnight on Monday 13 th August. Will I be okay to stay that night and leave the next morning ( Tuesday)?

  167. Sam says:

    Hi, I was just wondering is there any space available at eton mannor? .. Or any of the campsites for gamesmakers open any earlier as my first shift is on the 22nd July.

  168. Andrew says:

    Thanks for that can you tell me what day it opens as i originally thought id booked for the first day on the 26th and what time can i get onto the site.

  169. First day is 26th. You should be able to get on site in the morning – actual times yet to be confirmed.

  170. Check out Match Day Centres as that is the only campsite near the Olympic park open before the 26th July.

  171. No, you’ll be fine as it’s less space than 4mx4m.

  172. Space is very limited so I would book ASAP. You are entitled to flexi-camp as a Gamesmaker though so you can book then change your dates etc depending on the shifts you get without any charges.

  173. Match Day Centres is near the Olympic Park and open earlier so book in there any you’ll be fine.

  174. Jason says:


    Also, if an additional person were to stay in the tent, can they pay on the day or do they have to book in advance?

  175. Elaine says:

    I am thinking of booking a pre-pitched tent for the night of 30 August. I would like to arrive in the morning of the 30th (by car) but would be leaving the camp site almost immediately in order to go into Central London and then to the velodrome in the afternoon so I would not be back at the site until early evening. I would then need to leave early morning on the 30th to go back to the olympic park and my final event does not finish until about 11pm. Would it be possible to come back for my car very late that night and then start my journey north?

  176. Del says:

    Travelling down from Glasgow for 3 days train not due in London til 10 20pm would I still be able to check onto campsite at this time

  177. I am games maker booked in with you from 26/07/12 to sun 12/08/12. i have now recieved my shifts and have to work on Mon 13th August 2pm to midnight. Can i book the extra night and leave on Tuesday? Can i do this when up there?

  178. Ed says:

    I’m a games maker, what if I rent a pitch and it’s raining and I decide to sleep in my car, would that be okay?


  179. Hi Ed, technically it wouldn’t be ok. Also, I would say, from being experienced at camping, is that it’s absolutely fine sleeping in a tent in the rain – much more comfortable than a car for sure. Key is to put it up properly and don’t by the cheapest possible!!!

  180. Hi, you can but you need to do this now, not directly at the campsite.

  181. yes, just make sure that you put a note in your booking in the messages to say that you will be arriving very late on.

  182. Hi Elaine,

    Yes, it would be possible – that’s all fine!

  183. They need to book in advance. All bookings must be in advance as there is limited capacity and Eton Manor is very close to full for many nights.

  184. Yes, you can book 13th August – just give us a call on 01252 279123 and we can take payment and extend your booking.

  185. Sonya says:

    Oh and our tent is 680cm x 240cm would we need to pay the extra fee?

  186. Yes, the standard apsace is 4mx4m so there is an extra £5 per night charge, thanks.

  187. Sonya says:

    We want to stay from 30th Aug for 3 nights but have tickets for an event on 2nd Sept. If we pack up can we leave the car there until we return from the stadium (event finishes at 10:25)?

  188. Lee says:


    Some camp sites dont allow gas camping stoves and only allow BBQs. Are they allowed here? I don’t want to buy one if I cant bring it.


  189. We allow camping stoves at this site but not BBQ’s due to the pitches, thanks.

  190. Yes that’s fine, you will need to have packed up by 11am though. Please let the campsite know on the day.

  191. Chris says:

    If we book a pitch for 3 people. Is it ok to have a 2mx2m ( 2 man) and a 1mx2m ( 1man) on the same pitch.

  192. Jane Skeats says:


    I am a little worried as my last games maker shift is on August 14th so will I will able to stay at Eton Manor on the night of the 13th and then leave after my shift on the 14th ?

  193. Matthew Turner says:

    The site closes on the 9th of September for the paralympics, what time would tents need to be off the site on this day. i am on duty til 4pm on the 9th and was wondering if i would be able to leave my tent etc there until after this time. i wont have a car at the site.

  194. Hi Matthew,

    That shouldn’t be a problem, just let the campsite know.

  195. Hi Jane,

    Unfortunately at this stage we cannot extend the opening dates for Eton Manor so we will have to ask you to chack out on the 13th August. I will let you know if there is any change on this.

  196. a pitch is required for each tent, although it doesn’t change the price as we charge on a per person basis this is how our booking system works, thanks.

  197. Jo Grylls says:

    trying to book Eton Manor as a GamesMaker from 29th July for 14 nights, one tent and one gazebo, the site is showing availability but it wouldn’t let me in to book. Any ideas?

  198. Jo says:

    We are thinking of coming up from Somerset on the evening of the 30th August. This means we will not be pitching our tent until about 9pm. Would this be OK.
    We then have tickets to events on the 31st August so would be leaving to come home on the morning of the 1st September.
    What are the actual arrival and book in times please.

  199. Jo Grylls says:

    This has now all been sorted, thank you very much for your invaluable help!

  200. Mary says:

    Hi all booked at Eton Manor but now got some 1am shift finish – is it a well lit and short walk from Wanstead tube station to your rugby ground? Thanks.

  201. Hello,

    I am a gamesmaker at the Olympic Park and was hoping to book to stay at Eton Manor, I put in dates from 26th for approx 10 days but its says these dates are unavailable, is that because the gamesmaker section is already fully booked? I very keen to camp alongside fellow gamesmakers if Eton Manor is booked up can you suggest any others which still have spaces available?

    Hope you can help,

  202. You will be able to check in from 12pm-11pm, although the lighter the better and you will need to check out of the site by 11am. Thanks!

  203. Sorry the calendar is delayed in the update, we are now full on certain nights in August which is why you prbably can’t book, try Barking RFC or Match Day both are close to the Olympic Park and great sites.

  204. Hi, Yes, Eton Manor is full up on some of the dates you have. Nearby is Barking RFC and Matchday Centres which are within easy reach of the Olympic Park too.

  205. Yes only a short walk and I imagine there will be a nuber of GM’s finishing late so there should always be people to head back with, it might be worth posting a message on our Facebook page as this is where a lot of the GM’s chat…

  206. Jason says:


    I have tickets for the hockey on the 31st July for the morning session. I was looking to stay overnight on the 30th July – what time do tents need to be taken down by on the 31st and can my car be left at the campsite on the 31st and if so what time until?

    Thanks very much Jason

  207. Ben Hughes says:


    If I decide to bring my car down to the campsite, do I need to let you know before hand?
    Is there adequate parking for all the cars on site?


  208. Added this to your booking, no extra cost but it’s better to let the campsite know, thanks!

  209. Hi Jason,

    Tents need to be taken down by 11am, but you can leave your car there until the evening.

  210. Kat says:

    Hi, I am volunteering at the paralympics and my final shift finishes at 11pm on Sunday 9th September, I see that the camp is closed on the 10th September does that mean that I cannot stay the night 9th to 10th? Thanks

  211. Katie Knight says:


    I am a Games Maker for the Olympics and have booked Eton Manor RFC from the 25th July until the 11th August. I am driving up from West Wales on the Tuesday 24th as I need to pitch my tent as early as possible on Wed 25th – I have a shift starting at 1PM on the 25th. Would it be possible for me to park my car at Eton Manor for the Tuesday night? I have sorted accommodation but they don’t have any parking facilities.

    Many Thanks,

  212. Yes I have checked and this is fine, when you arrive please let someone know in the clubhouse that you are leaving your car there and I will add this to your booking details.

  213. Unfortunately we are restricted on dates so at the moment we have to close the site on the 9th September, you can leave your car at the site though until after your shift, I hope this helps.

  214. Katie Knight says:

    Great thank you very much. When will you be closing on the tuesday? Just so I can arrive in time to let someone in the clubhouse know.

  215. gayel says:

    I’m a gamesmaker based at the Olympic Park, I am stopping at Eton Manor during the Olympics, could you let me know if the laundry has been finalised yet and will there be a charge, also is there any ironing facilities set up? Regards Gayel

  216. Andrew says:

    Hi has there been any update in regards to laundry facilities at Eton Manor RFC

  217. I’d get there early evening to be on the safe side.

  218. Amy says:

    I have two bookings (30th July -2nd August and6th-9th August), however am unable to volunteer at the Olympics and was wondering how to go about cancelling my reservation?


  219. Hi Amy,

    As per our terms and conditions We do not usually offer refunds at this stage as it is less than 61 days until the games, however give the office a call and we are happy to review your circumstances, thanks.

  220. Yes there will be a washing service on site, apologies for the delay, many thanks.

  221. Yes there will be a washing service on site which there will be a reasonable charge for, unfortuantely I don’t think there will be a ironing service but as clothes will be tumble dried hopefully there is less need for this, thanks!

  222. Dan Hawksworth says:


    I see from the availability that there is no space on 3rd/4th Aug. I am a GamesMaker and wondered if there was any space left for these nights in the ‘volunteer field’.


  223. Sorry Dan we are full on these dates, however Barking is also really close to the Park and we have a lot of GM’s now booking here…

  224. Jo Grylls says:

    Have booked and paid for Eton Manor but have not received an email as confirmation/booking reference.
    Can you help? Thanks

  225. Susan Whitehouse says:

    Hi any news on extra days for Paralympics. I’ve already booked but my shifts start 20th August and last one 10th 2pm til midnight. Regards

  226. Emma says:

    Can you explain the Planning application that is awaiting approval please and the implications if it’s refused? The local press are implying that parking won’t be allowed on site if permission doesn’t go through?

  227. Hi Susan,

    Unfortunately we do not have any details on this as yet, apologies for the inconvenience, keep an eye on our Facebook page for more info

  228. Hi Emma,

    Th application that has been submitted is to extend the opening dates beyond the 28 days that are permitted, so if this application is refused it means we can’t open the site for longer periods of time to accommodate Games Makers. Also since the application has been resubmitted concerns about parking space have been addressed as there is more than adequate space on site to accommodate all vehicles. Thanks for your email.

  229. sibs says:

    I think people, especially those volunteering should be given a clear picture. The Road down to the Rugby club is a lane not properly lit at present(concerns which have been raised). The lane is narrow and has humps so take care cycling. Make sure you bring torches and cycles with lights if you have late shifts. The site is sandwiched between 2 allotment sites and a small wild park. It is next to the river Roding and can get very soggy if there is lots of rain. bring the right footwear !!! For those coming from out of London It is very close to the end of the M11 and you shouldn’t need to drive through London itself. The organisers are blooming lucky to have such dedicated volunteers…hope it all goes well for you all. please don’t park in the lane. An elderly veggie grower.

  230. Hi Jo,

    Is this all sorted now?

  231. Claire says:

    Will the cycle ride to the Olympic Park be suitable for children do you think?

  232. Aine Byrne says:

    When it says it will be closed September 10th does that mean you have to have your tent removed September 9th? meaning you cant camp that night? (I am working at the games and wont be able to remove my tent til the 10th as i will be working the night before)

  233. No camping in available on the night of the 9th but you will need to vacate on the morning of the 10th, thanks!

  234. I’m not sure as I have never done the route myself however it will be extremely busy on the roads, check out the route on here to get a clearer idea

  235. Ben Hughes says:

    I have a booking until Thursday 9th August… Am I able to leave my car onsite until after my event which is on the evening of Thurs 9th?

    Apologies if this has been asked before!

  236. Hi, Thanks for the comment and the tips, we shall pass them on to the volunteers and everyone camping.

  237. Hi, yes that is absolutely fine. Please make sure you make a note of the situation in your booking when you make it, thank you.

  238. Pavla says:

    what is the best route (public transport) to your campsite from London Stansted airport? Thanks

  239. Lee says:


    I am volunteering at the Paralympics from 1st September – 7th September. So would need to be on site from arrival date 31st August to departure date 8th September. How much would the total cost be for x1 person in a tent, travelling down in a car so would need to park.


  240. Tom Edwards says:

    Dear Eton Manor RFC.

    I am a games maker volunteering at the London 2012 Paralympics games. My shifts are due to start 29th August to 10th September, but these are not confirmed. Is your site open across these dates? Also I am thinking about camping in a tent which is 5m x 3m. Would I need to pay for the extra size, or is it 16m2, as my tents area would only be 15m2 in total?

  241. Unfortunately Eton Manor is fully booked from the 2/08-5/08, you may want to refer to for more information on which other venues may suit your needs, both Barking and Match Day Centres are a good alternative. Concerning the size of your tent, there would be no extra charge for your tent. Thanks for the enquiry.

  242. Full details of cost per person can be found at

    However, in your case, it would be a total cost of £80 for 8 nights, one car is allowed free of charge. Thanks for you rinterest.

  243. Hi, This would depend on which campsite you are travelling to. Please refer to the Transport for London website for detailed information on how to get around London during your stay. Hope this helps.

  244. Paul Canal says:

    I recommend a National Express Coach to Stratford and then a tube to Wanstead or the 308 bus.

  245. Tom Edwards says:

    Is the site available across the dates 29/8 to 10/9 or is it fully booked for August?

  246. Joanna says:


    4 days ago we booked a place for a tent for 2 people at Eton Manor Rugby Club Camping. Unfortunately no comfirmation was sent to the e-mail address we had given. What shall we do to receive a confirmation via e-mail? We’d appreciate your answer…

    Thank you
    Joanna & Zenek

  247. Eton Manor has spaces available late in August, the only days that are booked to capacity at this stage are from the 01/08-05/08.
    However, Eton Manor closes on 13/08 and reopens on 28/08 until the 09/09.
    Thanks for the comment.

  248. Hi there, if you email me at I can use your email address to find the booking and we’ll sort that out for you :)

  249. Anonymous says:

    I am a gamesmaker, I intend to book here and I’ll be bringing my car, you can give me all you valuables to store ;) joking aside, my name is Claire Grove, very blonde and loud, I’ll help if it’s the best offer you can’t get a locker

  250. Anonymous says:

    If you are on early’s you might find that 7am will suffice, I have A LOT of early’s please kick my tent when you awake. Claire Grove

  251. Joanna says:

    Thank you, I’m sending the e-mail…

  252. Jonathan says:


    I’m volunteering at the Olympic Park Stadium, my shifts finish at 11pm so I was wondering which campsite do you think is best – and liveliest! Haha! Also I was just wondering if there is late night transport?



  253. All campsites will have hustle and bustle don’t worry, but Eton Manor is currently the busiest. In terms of transport please refer to the Transport for London website for detailed information on travel links for the games (

    Thanks for the comment, see you at the games!

  254. Andrew says:

    I am booked with you on the 26th can you tell me what time can i arrive from?

  255. Jhon says:

    Hello, I want to book for Eton Maner but I don’t know what Gazebo means and I don’t know if I will need one. Can you hekp me, please?

  256. Graeme Boyle says:

    I will be working as Games Maker in the VCC team at the Olympic Park. Start times 0530hrs and shifts ending as late a 2pm. Any update on late night/early morning transport anyone?

    Also I am trying to travel as light as possible and wondered what shops are near the Eton Manor campsite – is there a Asda in walking distance so I can top up with toothpaste etc and maybe even rainwear given the summer we are (not!) having.

  257. Graeme Boyle says:

    That should of course be shift as late a 2 a.m.!

  258. Hi there,

    A gazebo is an outdoor shelter,usually the same sort of size as a tent but taller and just provides an additional seating space. A gazebo is not an essential just an extra should you require it, thanks!

  259. JC says:

    Not sure what the idea was in Sibs leaving his message, but as an ex Eton Manor player i have walked the lane thousands of times at night and the lane is only 50 yards long with tiny speed bumps that you will hardly notice. The club house is very modern with good facilities. I hear that there has been a handful of people writing to the local papers with scare munger stories trying to stop the camp site but i know for a fact that the majority of locals are very happy to have the campsite. The car park is big as are the grounds and clubhouse. Also if you will need wellies then i will eat my hat.

  260. Barbara says:

    I am a games maker and is interested in comping at Eaton manner, i have never camped before so please answer these questions please. will there be tents readily available with bed and bedding, cuttlery plates and cups. if i leave my clothes there will they be safe, who will erect the tent/gazebo and who is responsible for taking it down.

  261. LesleyMarie says:

    I’ve only just been offered in the last few days a GamesMaker role at the Paralympics in the Olympic Park, so I believe Eton Rugby is the nearest campsite…as yet I don’t know what role or dates and shifts but obviously between Wed 29th August and Sun 9th Sept- can you provisionally book a pitch for me covering these dates, as it looks like places are getting booked up fast ? I don’t have a tent or any camping equipment but hopefully I can borrow some !

  262. Hi Leslie, unfortunately we cannot provisionally book or reserve places and Eton Manor is already full 02/08-05/08. Unfortunately we need upfront payment to be able to guarantee your place in the campsite, sorry for any inconvenience.

  263. Hi Barbara, unfortunately that’s not how camping works! Unless you pay an extra fee of £25 per night for a pre-erected tent (on top of £10 per person, per night) there will be no tent waiting for you when you arrive, if only! The same can be said for dismantling the tent, this is your responsibility.
    Other than that, it is bring your own tent, sleeping bags, cutlery plates and cups. Some campsites will have food available on site i.e BBQ’s

  264. Mark says:

    I understand that several people have already raised the question, however I am still reading articles regarding a lack of planning permission for the campsite. Although the response has been that this is for an extended license, none of the articles mention this and as I am travelling with my family for a stay at the site on the first weekend of the games can you confirm for my peace of mind that full planning permission is in place. Thanks

  265. Cyril Illman says:

    I am a games maker based at the Olympic village from 20th August to 12th September for the paralympics. I see that your dates are closed for some of this time. Can you recommend a site that is convenient to the Olympic village and that covers the dates please


  266. Hi,
    The lack of planning permission is specifically for the extended opening times, which are now not looking promising anyway. The opening times you have booked for are confirmed and cemented, so no need to worry! :)

  267. Unfortunately none of our inner city sites cover all of these dates, you may want to consider using to locate other private campsites that may be near the Olympic Park.

  268. Rachael A says:

    Hi. I am a Games maker who now needs to change my booking. How can I do this?
    thank you for you help

  269. Bafty says:


    I’m a volunteer at the Excel Centre during the Paralymics. Could you tell the closes camping venue and availability please

    Many Thanks

  270. If you just need to reduce your booking please email me at
    If you need to extend, please call the office on 01252 279123 so we can take payment for the extra nights, thankyou!

  271. Natalie says:


    I’m staying at eton manor, travelling down on the train, so no car for storage. Can you tell me if there is anywhere to store sleeping bags etc for the day that we have to check out of the tent?


  272. Hi there, please refer to for detailed information on the proximity of camp to venues, hope this helps.

  273. Dominic says:

    If coming on public transport are there any options for storing sleeping bags, mats etc. on day of departure? We are planning on coming with kids to a pre-erected tent and have Olympic park tickets for our day of departure. I don’t think we would be able to haul all of the stuff around on our backs for the day.

  274. Mary says:

    Booked in but concerned to read that Eton Manor doesn’t have full permission to be a temporary campsite yet because Environment Agency are concerned about flooding of the ground from River Roding. Is this correct? Thank you.

  275. Tjk says:

    Hi I am camping with you at Eton Manor and visited the site during the week. There are only Communal Showers present in the club house, both male orientated i believe 14 shower heads in each. Is the only provision on site. 1 i dont think thats enough for up to 350 people and 2 it never said showers were communal when i booked. Please confirm asap. Gamesmakers will be working from early hours to late and wont have much time for queing about to get a shower at 5.00 in the morning!!!!!
    Thank you

  276. Skye says:

    Hi, my booking reference is CN26776, and I had a change of my shifts and therefore I’d like to change my date to 5 Aug to 11 Aug which is 6 nights instead of the original 8 nights. Is that OK? Also, how big is a individual pitch?

  277. Hi Tracey, please qualify what you mean by male orientated? If it is that they are both equipped to deal with both genders then that is correct.
    Sorry if the communal showers are a surprise, they are a standard installation at sports clubs and we never tried to imply that they were cubicled showers, we thought that people would know they were communal as they are located inside a sports ground; Unless customers wanted the £10 per person, per night price to drastically increase then we have to work with what we have unfortunately.
    However, 28 showers is more than enough according to extensive research we have done into the number of showers on temporary campsites that is required for the site to function; 28 actually exceeds this number in many cases.

  278. Liz says:

    I am sorry to appear ignorant but does this mean that men and women are expected to use the same shower areas?

  279. Hi, No sorry we do not have any facilities like that. It may be worth asking the staff their on the day, but you would be leaving all items there at your own risk.

  280. Sorry there are no provisions after you have checked out, your belongings are your responsibility. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this, but we cannot accept liability if they went missing whilst under our responsibility.

  281. No, there are 2 blocks. 14 showers in each. The shower system is designed such that it could deal with either gender because this is obviously not usually a campsite and Eton Manor rarely have to provide for females. However, this would not be the case if there are women present. One block for men, one for women.

  282. Hi Skye, your booking has to remain over 6 nights i.e 7 nights, once you let me know given this information I will refund the remaining total onto the card you paid with.

  283. Pete says:

    Hi. Just a query regarding when tents have to be taken down. My last Gamesmaker shift on the 12th Aug starts at 06:30 and won’t finish until mid afternoon. Is it the case that I’ll need to take the tent down before I set off for my shift? I can see that really going down well with my neighbours as I’m swearing and cussing at 05:00 in the morning trying to get the darn thing back in its bag:-) . Is there any flexibility in taking the tent down? Any chance I could do it in the afternoon and then set off? Or am I obliged to book another night (if there are places)?

  284. Tjk says:

    Hi Your reply qualifys what I meant about main orientated. I take you point re £10.00 a night. Reserve judgement on the numbers, lets just say there will be a lot of queing for those early morning showers when so many of us will have to be on Olympic park, through security and ready for shifts before 7 in the mornings. Better set the alarm early.

  285. There is nothing to worry about, every person who has made a booking will keep their camping place. The Planning Permission issue only applies to extended dates that we have not even announced. No current bookings are in danger.

  286. We understand your issue with the early shift start, however, our check in time is from 12pm onwards, and from that point whoever is booked in for a pitch that night needs to get one. I would say it is not a problem, but the availability for Eton Manor is very poor as it is our most popular site. Therefore, the likelihood is that someone will be booked in; if you email me nearer the time I will have a look for you at the availability to see if it is an option for you to do that, hope this helps!

  287. Antony says:

    Hi I contacted you on May 23 to ask if I could take my tent down after my last shift on Friday 10 Aug and you stated that would be OK. Your reply to Pete on July 9 would seem to contradict that earlier statement. I’m in the same boat as Pete, I have an early start on that Friday, will definitely not want to disturb others and was hoping to take the tent down after my shift and leave site around 6 pm?
    I’m now confused as to whether this is going to be a problem or not. I can understand you needing the pitch, but if you need me gone that Friday morning, then it is going to be a problem?

  288. Skye says:

    Right…when I booked it, 3rd and 4th were all booked out, therefore my single booking didn’t exceed 6 nights, but my total booking is 15 nights. Is there anything you can do about it? If not, just take the last day off my booking will be great!! Thank you very much!!

  289. Natalie says:


    If anyone has any bright ideas about a solution to this difficulty, I would be really interested to hear them (bar taking luggage to a train station and then having to go all the way back to the Olympic Park)


  290. Pete says:

    Ok Thanks for the response. I’ll look to see if I can book another night I think. I’ll probably want to rest my weary bones before heading home anyway. Also, maybe there will be some serious post closing ceremony parting to be done. Can’t miss out on that!! :-)

  291. Emma says:

    Just wanted to say that whoever had this idea of campsites for London 2012 is to be applauded! Affordable accommodation within London has been invaluable for me to be offering up my time to volunteer at the Olympics and Paralympics. So, thank you. I shall be bringing wellies, wet wipes (in case the shower is busy and I am running late) a plastic pint glass to ensure I have something to put a pint of cider in after a long shift and most importantly a smile :)

  292. Ben Hughes says:

    There are plenty of ‘left luggage’ places at various train stations around London..

    Alternatively, there is a Left Luggage Cloakroom service in the Westfield Stratford where you can leave bags for a fair charge.

  293. Ben Hughes says:

    There is a Left Luggage Cloakroom service in the Westfield Stratford where you can leave bags for a decent charge. (Think its £6 a bag for the day)

  294. Thanks for your enthusiasm and support Emma :)

  295. Hi, if you email your inquiry to we will sort your booking out for you!

  296. At the point when you contacted us, it was absolutely fine. However, since that time we have experienced serious demand for Eton Manor. All of which I have outlined in the reply to Pete. It should be OK is basically what I am trying to say, but we cannot guarantee the safety of your belongings after the check out time of 11am; if someone who is booked in needs a pitch, while you are away from a pitch that you have technically not paid for, then we will have to dismantle and remove your tent from the pitch. If you have a car, we are encouraging people to pack their things early, leave them in the car in the car park by all means.

  297. Antony says:

    I understand things have changed now but perhaps you could have contacted me sooner about this change in policy? I will be leaving the site around 4 am on that morning to go on shift, so is it really practical to dismantle and remove at that time in the morning? To avoid any further confrontation, will it be possible to book for a further night please? And how should I go about doing that? Thanks

  298. Kris says:

    Hi I’m a volunteer at the Olympic Stadium and I’ve just had my original plans for accommodation cancelled.

    I’m after a 10 night stay, ideally at Eton Manor, between 2nd – 12th Aug…but above it says that most of those days are full.

    However, when I went on campingninja and selected the same period of time, no warnings about the site being full came up…so does this mean that there is or isn’t space on these dates? And if there’s not, is there some sort of waiting list I could go on for any cancellations?

    I was also wondering what your parking situation was in terms of capacity/fee for if I’m lucky enough to get a late spot at Eton!

    Thanks and sorry if my questions have been answered already above!


  299. Hi Antony, I think you are getting the wrong end of the stick. All I’m saying, is that as of 11am that pitch is technically not yours anymore. You can leave anything you want at your own risk, it’s just that if someone needs that pitch, they are within their rights to dismantle your tent; now that probably won’t and shouldn’t happen. If you still wish to book another night, please email
    hope this helps.

  300. EA says:

    Hi I posted a question yesterday which has been removed without being answered – please could you give us information regarding the laundry service which was proposed some months ago. Many Thanks

  301. Hi Kris, those dates are unavailable. It has come to our attention that recently some pitches were made available that we were unaware of, literally 3 or 4, and have since mostly been booked up. Many apologies for this, but please consider one of our other campsites.

  302. Hi, sorry that should have been answered! There will be a laundry service on site, and there are launderettes within walking distance too!

  303. Keith Barker says:

    Hi, could you please give some indication on the state of the ground due to this constant rain we are all having. Will we be able to get from our tents to the exit of campsite without getting our GM training shoes covered in mud?
    many thanks for all your efforts in supporting us GMs.

  304. EA says:

    OK – can you give further details please?

  305. alex Darragh says:

    Hi Ive camped on many sites both here and abroad that have much fewer showers for about the same number of pitches. Dont forget we wont all be trying to get through the showers at the same time some shifts start earlier than 7am and some people have later starts.

  306. Scott says:

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I will be travelling by car to the campsite and staying for one night before I attend the games. Is it acceptable to leave my car at the campsite whilst at the Olympic Park even though I wont be staying at the campsite that night? Is there a curfew for entering the site/exiting with my car?

  307. Andrew says:


    I’d like to book a pitch for 3 nights, however the first night would be for one adult, the second for 3, and the third night for 2 (we are all arriving/leaving at different times!).
    How do I go about doing this through the booking system, as it only seems to accept a set number of people for the 3 nights?

    Many thanks,


  308. Liz says:

    Hi, we have just been to London for Gamesmaker training and popped in to Eton Manor RFC to look around. We were pleased to see a lot of effort was being made to prepare the site ready for our arrival. The people we spoke to were very nice and helpful answering our questions.

  309. Traveller says:


    Will there be any attempt to make some sort of individual showering area within the communal showers by use of temporary curtains etc?

    I understand the £10 price factor and the fact that it was never stated that the showers were individual cubicles but at the same time I would think that a great majority of people who are not familiar with sports ground club houses would not know they generally are communal and would have presumed otherwise like I have done- especially since it hasn’t been mentioned anywhere before. I think some people may be surprised when they arrive!

    Those who were aware of it may have thought alternative/extra showers would have been available due to numbers which may have been individual ones.

    Also, just a thought about families using communal ones with children?

    I appreicate all the hard work and logistics that setting something like this up takes but this is one thing that could have been made clearer from the start. Thanks

  310. John Gallanders says:

    If I come by train on a Saturday for a Sunday event- is there anywhere to leave rucksacks during Sunday before I get a train back home on the Sunday evening.

  311. Yes no worries Scott! And concerning a curfew, as long as you have a booking you can come and go as you please.

  312. Thanks Alex! Someone knows their camping! :)

  313. Chloe.s says:

    Hi, I am a Games Maker for the Paralympics. I have booked Eton Manor from the 28th of August – 10th of September. But my shifts start on the 22nd of August, is there any campsite that is open on these dates?

    If not with this company, is there any other that anyone knows about?

    Thank you

  314. Hi there, we have offered more showers per head than many campsites would offer, and we specifically designed the capacity numbers for the facilities at each site i.e none of the sites have got more than they can handle in terms of campers :)
    Swimming costumes are obviously encouraged for decency, especially around kids; but you must appreciate you would have paid substantially more for cubicle shower.

  315. The ground is holding up fine :) although bring wellies just in case!

  316. I cannot I am afraid, details are still being finalised.

  317. Sorry I’m afraid we don’t know of any!

  318. Hi John, Unfortunately nothing on site, however, there are lockers available in Westfield Stratford.

  319. Huw Samuel says:

    Hi, I’ve booked camping at EM from 27th right through to 13th August. Best value in London and atmosphere should be great. I’m a Gamesmaker driver at Olympic Park. I’ve already had one shift, and my next one is 26th 10.00 pm overnight to 08.00 am 27th. So I intend to put up my tent after my shift and hopefully (!) get a good sleep during 27th daytime. My question is – can I please park my vehicle before starting my shift, say around 9 pm on 26th, and then I can get the tube over to Stratford by 10 pm. Obviously I’m not officially there until 27th but hope it will be OK for a few hours early ?? Thanks Huw

  320. Darryl Culmer says:

    We have booked for two nights on the 7&8 August with a large tent over 4x4m for two adults and three children.
    Would it be possible too bring two smaller tents, a 4 man and a two man instead of the large family tent?

  321. Karen says:

    Hi. I have booked to arrive on site on Sunday 29th July for 14 nights. I received an e-mail this week about the camping and it stated that check-in would be from 11am. I was hoping, that as it is at the beginning of the games and I won’t have to wait for a pitch to be vacated, if I can arrive at 9am to pitch my tent as I have to be ready to start shift at lunchtime.

  322. Karen says:

    Sorry I seemed to have posted this twice!!

  323. Anonymous says:

    There are limited cycle routes and no bike parking on the Olympic site. You can leave it in Stratford but make sure you secure it properly mine was stolen 4 weeks ago! Do not expect secure parking anywhere. Good luck

  324. Pete W says:


    I have tried calling the contact numbers for help with arriving earlier on Thursday 26th July, but am unable to get a response.

    I have an Olympic Aquatic Centre shift starting at 11am & need to be their a couple of hrs b4 to get through security etc.

    I am booked into Eton Manor RFC from 26th July – 12th Aug as a Games Maker Volunteer.

    Can I please arrive at Eton between 8.30 – 9am on the Thrs 25th July? (To set up tent, pile everything in & then hightail it to the Olympic Park!!)Cheers, Pete

  325. WGB says:

    Dear CatG team/Gary

    …any idea how wet we will get!!is it wellies or wet suit?!!

    (From Wanstead Guardian 20/7/12)

    Spokesman for the club Gary Davies said: “We have been told that the Secretary of State will only get involved to overturn a “no” (from the council).

    “We should be receiving a planning notice from the council today (Friday).

    “The campers may get a bit wet, but they should know what to expect from budget camping.”

  326. Bafty says:

    Regarding my booking…….all sorted now


  327. Hi there, all I can recommend is that you look at the weather forecast and pack accordingly! Things are looking promising, but to be honest we would never go camping without preparing to get wet in the UK, but that’s just us!

  328. Andrea says:

    I need to get to the greenway gate for a 5 am start on Saturday.
    Where is the nearest bus route to the site and do you know if the buses run that early?

  329. Rachel says:

    We are booked in from the 26th,
    Are there any communal areas near the site where there will be a big screen so we can see the opening ceremony?

  330. Darryl says:

    My question about bringing two smaller tents (a 4 man and a 2 man)for our family of 5 (2 Adults & 3 children) insted of one very large family one seems to have been deleted.
    We have booked for the 7th & 8th August, and would like to know if bringing two smaller tents is possible.

  331. Hi Darryl, apologies, we get an awful lot of spam and sometimes genuine queries get mixed up in what we delete! Unfortunately the only way to do that would be to book 2 pitches, one tent per pitch I’m afraid!

  332. Darryl says:

    Thank you for getting back to us, not a problem we can bring just the one tent which we have already booked for.

  333. gemma says:

    hi i have made a booking for the 31st and 1st for one person.

    will it be possible to add an additional person, they will still be in the same tent but sadly due to family situ she couldnt confirm any earlier that she was coming! can i pay the extra on arrival?

  334. Hi Gemma, just get her to make her own booking, and in the instructions section she should quote your booking reference to ensure that she is in the same tent, thanks.

  335. There will be big screens available in the clubhouse Rachel

  336. are mark says:

    We are booked in at Eton Manor 4-6th August. Due to work
    commitments I will be arriving seperatley from my family in my van. Is it posible to pay an extra charge to park the van at the site for the 2 nights(The van will be empty)?


  337. Sorry Darryl, one tent per pitch. If you pay the extra large pitch size, I think we could accommodate you?

  338. That should be fine Huw, just outline your situation to the staff when you arrive!

  339. Hi Karen, that should be ok, you may just have to wait a little longer for someone to check you in!

  340. Hi Pete, if you have an early shift that is fine, just make yourself known to staff when you arrive so they can check you in!

  341. Hi Mark, will you be staying at the site whilst your van is parked?

  342. Jojo says:

    In that case would it be possible to run an electric cool box that I intend to bring with me of one of the mains sockets in the club house ?

  343. Rebecca Snaith says:

    Hi there, I am a games maker during the Paralympics and wish to add some extra dates to my camping as part of the flexi-camp option. who do I contact to do so?

  344. robert palmer says:

    My family and I are booked onto the campsite wed 01 – sunday 05 august. I have a booking reference number, but can not find my email anywhere. Would this ref be enough?
    If not my reference is: CN17960
    please would you be able to resend my confirmation to

  345. Hi Robert, the reference number will be fine, try checking your junk mail folder?

  346. Hi Rebecca, just give us a call in the office: 01252 279123

  347. Hi Jojo, I do not think this will be possible, you can ask upon arrival, but we did not advertise any electric hook-ups.

  348. are mark says:

    yes i will be staying at the site, just arriving a little later than my family

  349. Yes that is fine, just call the office to arrange payment
    tel: 01252 279123

  350. Steph says:


    Can you tell me if there are any facilities for hairdryers please?

    Many thanks

  351. Mark Collings says:

    Hi, I have a booking commencing yesterday until Saturday, then a second booking for Saturday til Sunday. Sadly I am no longer attending. I’m not a volunteer Games Maker; I am paid Olympics security, so would not expect a refund (unless you really want to give one!) however is my booking transferable should I find someone else that can make use of it?? My booking was just for me – one person, one tent pitch. If transferable and two attended, is that possible and is there a charge for the second person? Cheers!!

  352. Susan Whitehouse says:

    Hi Booked for the Paralympics from 28th August but saw on
    your Facebook page you might be open on 27th, any news yet?
    Hope so!!! Thanks

  353. Helen says:


    I would like to extend a couple of my bookings at eton manor, is it easier if I simply book the extra nights online, or should I ring the office to extend my stays?

    from Helen

  354. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Does the female changing room/showerrom have electricty point to use hairdryer?

  355. Hi Susan, no news yet, you will know when we know! If you check the website regularly for updates that is!

  356. Hi Mark, yes we could sort this out for you, just keep us informed of all the details of your booking that change, and you are obviously welcome to sell it on.

  357. Hi Steph, there are plenty of electrical points available yes.

  358. Sally says:

    Hi, may I please know if there are hair dryers available on site?
    If not, may I use mine in the central charging room?
    Thank you very much!

  359. Ian says:

    Hi all, I’ve set up a Flickr group for all our pictures and look forward to seeing your pics from the site and your Olympic experience

  360. Emma says:

    Hiya, stayed there for Olympics so just to confirm with you that yep, there are 2 sockets in the changing rooms and 1 in the toilets. You’ll love it there!

  361. Emma says:

    Hiya, see my comment above!

  362. Susan Whitehouse says:

    Hi Sorry to ask again but is it definate you are not opening until 28th Aug. Was hoping for 27th. Just to make life easier


  363. Rena Mathews says:

    I am trying to book for paralympics but it says that the host is down.
    Can you confirm if it is still posssible to book please

  364. Hi Rena, We had some issues with our links this morning and yesterday evening, however, these should be resolved now.

  365. I’m afraid it is definite that we open on the 28/08, we are restricted as to the number of days we can open, sorry!

  366. Ali says:

    I would like to add two extra days to my booking, Tuesday 28th August and Sunday 9th Septmeber. Is this possible?

  367. Clare says:

    What time can I come onto site as not gonna get down till late? Thanks

  368. Susan Whitehouse says:

    just asking I am booked in for 28th. my shift starts 2pm. what time does site open as need to put tent up before I go. Thanks

  369. christina says:

    hi guys

    im booked in with you at the end of this month till the 8th.

    i was just wondering how well lit are the roads and lanes? i finish mt shifts at about 10pm at the olimpic park so will be walking back in the dark and not being from the area at all im a little nervouse at walking back in the dark

    many thanks

  370. pat Lloyd says:

    Please can you tell me what time my daugher can get onto the site on 28th August, as its the opening day?