Barking RFC Camping near the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics (no longer operating)

Due to circumstances beyond our control, unfortunately Barking RFC has had to pull out of being a campsite for the Olympics and Paralympics near the Olympic Park.

It was brought to our attention at a late stage in the project that the 2 training pitches at Barking RFC, where the camping was to be located, were owned by the Local Council and even though Barking RFC has a 20 year lease on the space and owns the rest of the land and the clubhouse, they discovered that the Council still could have the say on this particular space. It is important to note that, during a meeting with Barking and Dagenham Council, regarding camping at Barking RFC, the Head of Planning was very happy for the campsite to go ahead and had no objections at all, so this problem is not one of planning permission on any level. However, some individual local councillors responsible for the immediate area around the rugby club had the say over whether they would permit the use of the pitches and decided to not allow them to be used. Barking RFC and Camping At The Games have done everything in our power to persuade the individual councillors to reconsider, and despite much support from the RFU and the local residents, they will not be budged. This is particularly disappointing given that the revenue generated from this opportunity would have been invaluable to the club in continuing to run their exceptional Youth Project that works with unemployed young adults to get them off the streets and into rugby where they can develop the key skills they need such as teamwork and communication to get back into employment.

In response to this Terry Marner, Club Chairman at Barking RFC has issued the following statement:

“Barking RFC would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to campers, we are extreme not to be taking part in this project and it is with great regret that we cannot accommodate you during the games. This project would have been a once in a lifetime opportunity for our club to be really involved in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which incidentally is on our doorstep, and the legacy from this would have been invaluable in supporting  our Youth Project, the future of which now hangs in the balance so we are extremely disappointed at the decision of the Local Authorities not to support us in this venture.”

The best alternative site with good availability near to the Olympic Park is Match Day Centres in Walthamstow, just a 20 minute bus ride from the Olympic Park which boasts excellent facilities and local amenities. This site is already one of our most popular choices amongst Games Makers and ticket holders heading to the Park and we are confident that you will be in good hands.

For the Paralympics, we recommend Eton Manor, also very close to the Olympic Park and a great location for Games Makers and Ticket Holders alike.

We also have a selection of other sites all around London which you can check out here. 


  1. Matthias says:


    We want to book a place to stay at your area from the 28th of August until the 10th of September.
    We come with 1 Volkswagen bus with trailer – 1 handicaped person with wheelchair and 1 assistant.

    Besides I want to know, if the toilets and showers are appropriate for wheelchair.

    Either I want to know, if there is undergound connection from that place to the events of paralymipcs.
    Also the distance…please.

    I`ll enjoy to hear from you.

    Best regards from Germany

    Matthias Krasa

  2. Hi Matthius,

    Unfortunately only tent camping is allowed on our campsites so your Volkswagen bus isn’t allowed. The showers also are not likely to be appropriate for a wheelchair I don’t think. Sorry we can’t help.

  3. Jack says:

    Is it possible to only park for a fee?

  4. Darren Wash says:

    I am a Games Maker, my role requires that I start prior to the opening of the Paralympic Games.
    I am looking for a campsite from the 23rd of August to approx 9th of September no more than an hour away from the Paralympic village. Will any of your sites be open that early?

  5. Hi Darren,

    Unfortunately none of our sites are open for the Paralympics until the 28th August, please complete our facebbok poll as this gives us an idea of the demand for our sites.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for that.
    Second question, On the day you open can I park at approx 4am, go and do my duty, return and set up whenever I finish my shift?

  7. Chloe Soffe says:

    That is exactly the same situation I’m in. I cant find any campsite to cater for these dates. I’m thinking of going to a regular campsite somewhere near around London then switching to one on this website on the 28th.

  8. yes, that will be fine.

  9. Lorenzo says:

    I am Lorenzo from Italy. We would like to spend 5 days in London during the Olympic Game, but we don’t have bought the tickets for the Games yet. I haven’t understand (probably my english is not so good) if to camp at Barking RFC is necessary to have tickets for the Games…Is there still place for 2 pitch?

  10. Julia says:

    Could you offer a student discount? I know the prices are already good but for 10 nights I could not afford it, Thanks

  11. Yes our sites are open to everyone, even if you don’t have tickets there are lots of things happening in London during the games and we want you to all enjoy it, check out the link below.

  12. Unfortunately we are offering the lowest price we can and we are allowing camping stoves and own food etc on site to help keep costs down etc.

  13. Mo says:

    Do any of the London campsites have locker facilities?

  14. Unfortunately we are unable to offer this at the rugby or hockey clubs but there will be lockers at Wodson Park and Weymouth College.

  15. Martin says:

    Hello, is it possible to accommodate at your camp at 9 pm in 26th July. thx

  16. Martin says:

    Hello, is it possible to accommodate at your camp at 9 pm on 26 July. thx

  17. SABES says:

    HELLO, pitch means place for one tent? thx

  18. DB says:

    We have tickets for Excel on 8 August. If we stay for one night only on 7 August will we be able to leave our car parked with you and collect it at the end of the afternoon on 8th? I take it we would need to take the tent down before we left for the Games on the morning of 8 August?

  19. Thanks for your comment, yes one pitch means a place for one tent.


  20. Hi, yes that is fine. Please make sure you make a note of that in the booking when you make it though, thanks.

  21. Hi, yes that is absolutely fine, please make sure to book through the website, thanks.

  22. Yes that is fine, thanks for your interest.

  23. PC says:

    Hi, just wondering how the parking will work? i.e. is it seperate from the pithces, how far and ease of access?

  24. Clarissa says:

    Hi! I’m a Game Maker from Italy! I will be in the Aquatic Venue. I think I will come to London on the 27/28 of July and leave on the 12/13 of August. There’s still accomodation? If I don’t have a tent, do you rent it?(price?).
    We need to pay an extra for shower and light?
    I’m sorry but I’ll be alone and I never go camping! Thanks for your help!!

  25. There is accommodation available on those dates, the only campsite fully booked at this stage is Eton Manor from 02/08-05/08. Please refer to the times from camp to venues section of our website to see which campsite suits you best for the venue you are working at, in your case Barking is fine :)
    There is no extra cost for showers, but you will have to bring a light for your tent. Thanks for the comment!

  26. Parking will be separate from the pitches, located in the parking facilities present in the clubs already.

  27. Benoît says:

    i’m from France and i would like to now if it is possible to leave my tent and my luggage until early afternoon without paying one more night because i have a session at 11am until 1pm ? (sorry for my bad english)

  28. James Kelly says:


    If I book a pitch what is the latest I can arrive to set up camp?

    Many thanks,

  29. Lorenzo says:

    Hi! We are on the point of booking. Is there still accomodation for 3 persons (2 pitches=2 tents) from 7 Aug to 12 Aug? Another question: a forth person will joint us from 10 Aug. I have to explain it at reservation time, or she will be just registered when she’ll come on the place?

  30. Hi Benoit,
    The only way you can leave your tent and belongings on site is if you have packed up everything and the pitch is clear by 11am and you are storing your belongings somewhere secure i.e a car you may have brought with you?

  31. Hi James,
    Check-in is before 12pm, hope this helps!

  32. Benoît says:

    The problem is that i won’t brought a car with me so i think, th only solution is to sleep one more night on the site. Thanks for your answer

  33. She should make her own booking, and link it to yours by quoting your reference number on the booking form. And yes there is still room in Barking :)

  34. Thanks, anything else we can help with please let us know

  35. nadja says:

    Hello! I will travel from Basel Switzerland along the river Rhein to Rotterdam by bycicle, then send the bike back to Basel, I will take the ferry and get to the games! Can’t wait! So I am looking for a camp site which is good fo a single person, with maybe a bar/restaurant, a tv where I could see some of the games and close access to a tube station/bus. I have no tickets for the games. Which one would be the best for me? I will have my own tent with me, I only need a pitch. Where are still places available? Thanks for the answer and looking forward to the Olympics! nadja

  36. nadja says:

    I forgot to say, it will be from the 28th to the 2nd or around that dates!

  37. Hi Nadja,
    all the campsites have bar facilities, big screens and a lively atmosphere! And were all chosen because of their ideal location for transport etc. To be right in the middle of the action I would recommend Eton Manor, Barking or Blackheath.

    Enjoy your cycling! And we’ll see you at the games

  38. Charlotte says:

    Hi, I am a Gamesmaker and am currently on the point of booking on this camp-site. I was wondering if there is electric hook up and what time I will have to remove my tent by on my last day. As my last day I am working from 5.45am-4.15pm therefore it would unfortunately have to be after my shifts finishes.

  39. Pauline says:

    I am driving vip’s to and fro Olympic venues and will be able to bring official vehicle with me can I park it on campsite foc please

  40. As long as you have booked a car parking space, and the vehicle is reasonably similar to the height and weight of a car, then that is absolutely fine.

  41. Hi Charlotte,
    There are charging points inside the clubhouse, but no electrics for outside. Concerning your last day, as long as your pitch is clear by 11am it is fine, feel free to pack everything away into your car and leave that until you finish your shift, but we do need the pitch clear by 11am, hope this helps!

  42. Fiona says:


    I have tickets for the closing ceremony at Olympic Stadium, you mention you are a 20 min walk from Olympic park – is this the same place??


  43. Hi Fiona,

    Yes it is the same place :)

  44. Ali says:

    Do you still have any spaces for 1 tent for 1 person?



  45. You would be better off at Match Day Centres if that is agreeable?

  46. Stefano says:

    we are 2 friend and we want to stay in London from 27to 30 July…can we stay at your camping?we haven’t tent…
    can you help us..

  47. Hi, we do offer pre-erected tents for a cost of £25 per night (on top of the £10 per person cost of staying at the site) hope this helps!

  48. Toby says:

    hi i am doing shifts from 4pm till 1am and will be back till about 2.30. are the gamesmaker pitches set up so we wont disturb any other games makers when we get in and also they wont disturb us when they get going in the morning. what are the4 security arrangements for coming and going?

  49. neil b says:


    was just wondering if u have space left at Barking RFC
    28th aug – 5/6 sep tryed booking but keeps saying dates unvailablie

  50. Lorenzo says:

    Sorry, I think I have some problems in booking. From 7 August it is impossible to book a place for 2 pitches. It is really full already?

  51. Kay says:

    Hi, I am working at the games this Summer and been planning to stay at this campsite (just putting funds together to pay) for the full duration, however I just came on to book it and it’s saying none of the dates are no available, not even for one nights accommodation. So just wondering if there are still pitches available.

  52. Wendy Bassett says:

    I was just about to book 6-9 Sept at Barking for Paralympics, but noticed that on the travel times info it said you were only open until Sept 6th. Is this correct?

  53. Anonymous says:

    was just wondering if there is any space left at Barking RFC for 28th aug – 6th sep as am looking to book there

  54. James Kelly says:

    Excellent thanks also I was planning on arriving on Friday 3rd August for 3 nights and then my friend is arriving on Saturday for 2 I know it will be £10 a night for them aswell but they dont require another pitch as they will be staying in my tent how do I book this?

  55. nic says:

    i have tickets for 8th august in the olympic park. is this the closest campsite that has availability? also the event starts at 8.30am and finishes at lunch time do i need to take down my tent before i leave or can i leave it up til i return if i am only booking one night (7th august)as i will be on my own with three small children and need to be at the park by 7am.

  56. Make a new booking in the ususal way, however, in the ‘instructions’ section of the booking form please quote your booking reference and outline the fact that they will not be requiring a separate pitch. Hope this helps!

  57. Obviously all tents could be somewhat close together, but this is the nature of the beast unfortunately when camping. It really depends how heavy a sleeper you are! There will be a 24hr security presence, you will be given wristbands on the way in that identify you as ‘checked-in’.

  58. Hi, The closest park with availability is Match Day Centres.

  59. Unfortunately no more bookings can be taken for Barking, sorry for any inconvenience. Please consider Match Day Centres as an alternative.

  60. Unfortunately no more bookings can be taken for Barking, sorry for any inconvenience. Please consider the Match Day Centres as an alternative.

  61. Unfortunately no more bookings can be taken for Barking RFC, sorry for any inconvenience. Please consider Match Day Centres as an alternative.

  62. Unfortunately no more bookings can be taken for Barking, sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. Please consider Match Day Centres as an alternative.

  63. Sorry we are unable to allow more bookings for Barking, please consider Match Day Centres as an alternative.

  64. Howard Rusher says:

    Can I say how pathetic it is for councilors to try and ruin the experience for Games Makers and lose money for Barking RFC. I was already booked into Match day centre, so this doesn’t affect me, but such a shame for those involved.