Accommodation solutions for companies with temporary staff at the Olympics & Paralympic Games

Are you looking for accommodation solutions for your staff during the forthcoming

Olympic Stadium - Stratford, London

Olympic Stadium – Stratford, London

Olympic and Paralympic Games? We can cater for any number of staff  you may have, whether it’s 20 or 500.

We provide Pre-erected 4 person tents in which we place 2 people. This gives ample room for your staff’s belongings and space to relax during their stay at the Games.

Travel times to the Olympic Park are under 30mins. We also provide solutions for your staff to all other Olympic venues such as Weymouth or Eton Dorney.

Your staff will be provided with Hot showers, toilets, important laundry facilities, ironing, charging points, 24hr security and social areas in which to relax.

For a bespoke quote, get in touch and we will put together a package for you. Prices start from just £10 a night per worker.

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  1. jimbob says:

    also what about cooking open fires out i presume

  2. Yes fraid so, we don’t want to course damage to the pitches.

  3. Amy says:

    Hi, how are you?
    I have two concerns to ask you: No1, How long can I live in your campsites? Can I stay there for around two months? No2, will your campsites be available all the time even though during the intense period of Olympic Game?

    ( Actually, from 1st July to 30th August, I need to take a role in catering service at some Olympics Venues for at least 8 weeks. so I wanna make sure that during that time my accommodation can be guaranteed.)

  4. I’m afraid the earliest our campsites will open for at this stage is the 16th July, and they will be closed between the 13th August- 28th August due to licensing restrictions. Sorry that we cannot help you any more, we will update our website if there are any changes.