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Camping At The Games is brought to you by the folks at Campingninja.

What is Campingninja?

Campingninja HomepageCampingninja is the UK’s first and largest online campsite booking website and was created by Rhian Evans and Geoff Vaughan in 2009 – we are both keen campers and really wanted to make camping accessible to as many people as possible. If you can book hotels, hostels, b&bs and flights online in 5 mins, you should be able to do the same with a campsite.

So much time and effort is wasted endlessly phoning around and waiting for emails replies – people should be able to spend less time finding and booking a campsite and more time in the beautiful great outdoors doing something they love!

Campingninja’s mission is to get the right people into the right campsites. We have an incredible variety of amazing places to camp and campsites should have a proper platform to market what they have to offer people. Their campsites shouldn’t be tucked away in endless lists with the odd picture and icons here and there. They should be coming up when people are searching for sites like theirs.


Why Camping At The Games?

With the Olympic Games fast approaching we realised that the cost and accessibility of accommodation, for ordinary people who have London 2012 tickets, is going to be extortionate and difficult.

We knew camping would be a fantastic option for lots of people, but there are not that many campsites in convenient London locations, plus, it is a nightmare to find and book one.

Support local sports clubs and sports development

By Camping at The Games people will be supporting local sports clubs and sports development

We are also both keen sports people and have always been involved with sports teams and sports clubs (Rhian has been playing rugby and hockey in Reading for years and Geoff is a keen cricketer and runner). We realised that there are lots of sports clubs in London who have space and facilities and are near public transport, and that they could benefit enormously from utilising the space they have during the Olympics. We know from experience how much small sports clubs struggle to raise funds and get sponsors just to keep afloat; and we also know how important they are to their local communities.

So, it’s a win-win situation – we offer great value places (all the same price), for people to camp in London for the 2012 Olympics, which are easily booked online; and the Sports Clubs will directly benefit by being able to put all of their profits into their club funds for developing their facilities and sports in their local communities.

We’re very excited about this project and believe that by making London easily and comfortable accessible during Summer 2012, and by enabling local sports clubs to develop sports in their community, we are embracing the true Olympic spirit.

So who are the pair who gave up perfectly good jobs to make going camping better for everyone?

Rhian Evans - Campingninja - profileRhian Evans is a director of Campingninja with a background in a whole heap of things including writing software; leading hiking trips in Monument Valley and temple tours in India; recycling things; managing operations in Americas and Africa for Explore Worldwide; and steering digital tourism stuff for the Welsh Assembly. Rhian can often be found, when not in a tent, up a mountain snowboarding, mountain-biking or hiking; playing rugby or hockey; or walking other people’s dogs!

Geoff Vaughan from Campingninja - profile picture

Geoff Vaughan is the other director of Campingninja who also has a varied background in diverse areas including; cricket coaching in South Africa; leading treks in Mauritania and cycle rides in Croatia; Student Union Treasury; something to do with Chemistry; and managing operations in Asia and Europe for Explore Worldwide. When Geoff is not in a tent he can often be found buying tents, looking at tents or planning a trip where he can take a tent. Geoff is also a bbq expert, a mountain-biker, a walker, and a Marathon runner.


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