Volunteer reports on her Camping At The Games experience

Hilary Orr, married Mum of 3 talks about her Gamesmaker experience in this article: Happy Camping! The Gamesmaker Campsite

She talks extensively about her experiences at our Eton Manor campsite….

“Because I had recently been made redundant, I was on a budget and this totally reflected where I was able to stay; even the most basic hotel prices were out of my league. Through joining a Games Maker forum I found the Eton Manor Rugby Club who, via “Camping at the Games”, were offering camping for £10 a night (bargain!). I set up a Facebook page, and soon had in excess of 48 members who were to be camping at Eton Manor Rugby Club in Wanstead! We set up camp together and even had our very own ‘village hall’. We had all our shift rotas hung inside the village hall, so we could see who was off on a particular day and pal up together, we enjoyed meals out, visits to the theatre, museums etc.

I had been given a folding bike from a friend and I sprayed it red, white and blue and brought it with me to London. It fondly became known as ‘camp-bike’, and I used it to travel to Wanstead tube, but more importantly for my daily shower/toilet trips, when usually I would be dressed in wellies, dressing gown and pyjamas!

I thoroughly enjoyed the camping, and in some respects just as much as completing my Olympic role. It was like having a ‘family’ while living in London; the rugby club staff were utterly fantastic, they started serving breakfast as early as 6am (to catch those on an early shift) and served alcohol into the early hours (to catch the late finishers)!

I recently attended the Team GB parade in London, and despite not being offered a place on the Mall, I stood proudly with my camping Games Maker friends and the public and screamed and cheered at the spectacular athletes as they passed us by parading the medals.

To coin a phrase, I had the time of my life in London this summer, and feel so honoured and proud to have been a part of it. I have had experiences and made friendships that will last a lifetime.”

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