The Paralympics is set to end a glorious summer of SPORT and CAMPING!


Dutch campers!

We are delighted to have re-opened three of our campsites for the Paralympics including; Eton Manor RFC, Blackheath Rugby Club and Redlands Community Sports Hub in Weymouth. As predicted Eton Manor, only a 10 minute tube ride from the Paralympic Park is almost sold out, which suggests that ticket sales are up and Games Makers are on standby for what is dubbed to be the most successful Paralympic Games – ever!

The success of the Olympic Games will be difficult to replicate but if anyone can do it, it’s   Team GB! With a target of 103 medals and a 2nd place finish in the table, Team GB has the belief and support of the nation behind them so now we just eagerly await tonight’s opening ceremony as the torch makes it’s way through East London!

Aside from the sporting success of the nation another thing we have shouted about all summer is our fantastic campers! Urban camping has been an even bigger success than we could have ever imagined and the sports clubs involved will benefit from the legacy it has created for years to come. Many Games Makers, ticket holders and even just visitors to London have embraced the camping experience and marvelled at how much fun the experience was! And if you don’t believe us check out the reviews

Over the course of the summer our sites will have hosted over 5,000 campers from 34 different nations, many of whom have never camped before…certainly not in London. So we hope that aside from inspiring a generation of sports pros this summer, by the end of the Paralympics we also hope to have inspired a generation of campers! After all this is what Campingninja does all year round, WE LOVE CAMPING!

The Campingninja Team


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