A day in the life of an Olympic Games Maker…what’s your story?

Laura Hopley, a Games Maker at the Royal Artillary Barracks, tells us about how she swapped her home in Telford for Blackheath Rugby Club…

My games experience has come to an end and as I sit in my camping chair looking out over the tented landscape which I have become so used to during the last 12 days, I am tinged with sadness. It has to be said that it has been the best, most surreal experience I have had! Meeting many famous faces within my role as tribune team leader at the Royal Artillery Barracks, as well as seeing a team GB gold unfold before me, has to top the long list of events that have made these days so memorable! Who would ever have thought that a quiet, 5ft 2 brunette would have been able to lead a team of other volunteers, stand her ground with stroppy press members and, most impressively of all, pitch her tent alone and in under 30 minutes!

The camping experience has been one I won’t forget! I was incredibly nervous about camping alone but I shouldn’t have been. The team at Blackheath were fab, facilities great and I never wanted for company in the bustling (and dry!) bar. What a 12 days… Made all the better by the family feel at Blackheath, without it my games experience wouldn’t have been half as good, and I know I have made friends for life! To sum it up in one word, and in the words of the class I teach… Epic!


A big thanks to Laura for sharing her experience with us and we want to hear more of them!!

The Campingninja Team


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