A day in the life of an Olympic Games Maker – continued!

Kathy Gould from Basingstoke has just completed her role as a Games Maker where she was a T3 Driver and this is what she had to say about her stay at Match Day Centres…

I’m just back home from the experience of a lifetime!

 When I was accepted as a volunteer driver for the Olympic Games, my first reaction was “woo hoo!” My second reaction was “where am I going to stay?” I knew staying in London was going to be expensive, but I hadn’t banked on there being no vacancies at hostels or in universities. One of my friends jokingly suggested camping, and I thought why not? I typed camping for Olympic Games into Google, and it found Camping at the Games – perfect!

The booking was really simple, and I loved that the staff understood that we might need to make changes once our shifts were confirmed. Although Eton Manor would have been closer, Match Day was open early enough for my first shifts so I decided to stay there for my full two weeks. I’m so glad I did. The Match Day staff were friendly and helpful, and the locals were fascinated that we were camping on their football pitch and made us feel so welcome.

I can’t imagine I would have met so many wonderful, positive, friendly, inspirational people if I’d stayed in a hotel. I feel I’ve made friends for life.


Thanks so much to Cathy for sharing her story, we would love to hear more so keep them coming in!

The Campingninja Team


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