Filming at Surbiton Hockey Club about camping in London during the Olympics!

Surbiton Hockey Club

Filming at Surbiton Hockey Club

Yesterday the Campingninja Team had a great day at Surbiton Hockey Club filming with a Russian TV broadcaster about camping in London this summer! It wasn’t a call we were expecting to take on Wednesday and were all excited about heading down to Surbiton, and to look the part we even set up a mini campsite with our Pre-erected Olympic tents as an example!

Surbiton Hockey Club is only a stones throw from Wimbledon and Hampton Court, a 40 minute journey to all the Central London events and less than an hour to the Olympic Park so it’s the perfect spot to pitch up! Surbiton Hockey Club is in easy reach of a host of local amenities and has also been selected as an England Hockey House in support of team GB, so the atmosphere in the club house will be difficult to rival!

The filming took place in the morning with a Russian broadcasting journalist who is reporting for several Russian TV channels about travelling to London for the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer. We have had a host of international bookings from ticket holders and volunteers from all over the world including; France, Holland, Germany, Poland, USA, Canada and Australia; who are looking for great value accommodation with a great atmosphere, so this was a fantastic opportunity to talk about Camping at the Games! Our resident media expert and Campingninja Co-founder, Geoff Vaughan, was the man behind the camera and was able to pull off the interview in one take…he must know his stuff when it comes to camping!

We also took the opportunity to chat to one of the players at Surbiton Hockey Club about how the money raised will be used in their “Future is Now” project to redevelop  their second hockey pitch and we will posting the footage soon! When the Russian coverage goes live we will be posting this too, so keep your eyes open and fingers crossed there will lots more TV appearances to follow!




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