The Olympic torch relay, the GB kit and…SPORT RELIEF…what a week!

Wow what a week we have had…with two big announcements in the press the Olympics are now in sight and over the next few days people up and down the country will also be achieving their sporting goals by doing there sport relief mile!

After being lit in Greece the Olympic Torch will arrive in the UK on 18th May 2012 where it will embark on a 70 day journey through more than a 1000 towns and cities that will light up the UK with Olympic fever! There are almost 8,000 torch bearers each running a distance of 300m with the flame, all with inspiring stories to share! The torch symbolises peace, unity and friendship and will shine a light in local communities across the country, so take this opportunity to see it for your self, as 95% of the UK population will be no more that 10 miles from the Olympic Torch Relay!

Following the unveiling of the Torch Relay we also saw the GB uniform that the athletes will be wearing at London 2012 – designed by British fashion designer Stella McCartney. Although there were some concerns about the lack of red in the kit there has also been a lot of enthusiasm about the more modern feel and seeing the athletes kitted up and ready to go is reminder of just how close the event really is!

And finally with sport in mind this week people up and down the country will also be raising money for sport relief. The sport relief mile is happening all over the UK this Sunday and after watching the ordeal that John Bishop put himself through in his week of hell, I think a mile is more than manageable! Sport Relief raises money for people living incredibly tough lives here in the UK and in some of the world’s poorest countries, so register here to do your mile!

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