Spread the word to Olympic and Paralympic visitors!

8 miles from the Canoe Slalom on the Lee Valley Cycle Way

As you know Camping at the Games has joined forces with 8 community sports clubs across London, Reading and Weymouth to provide a site in close proximity to each of the major Olympic venues! We offer the best value campsites, are the only campsite provider open during the Paralympics and one of the only providers supporting UK sport so we want to tell more people about it!

If you are a Games Maker it is likely you will be working with a specific event or will have your favourite sport at the Games and we want to let your fellow volunteers and supporters know about us….

If you are a ticket holder it is likely you follow an Olympic sport closely and may be a member of a fan group, sports association or even your local sports club. So in our quest to reach these people we would like to ask the following…

1) Are you a member of a volunteer group, fan group, sports association or sports club that would benefit from knowing about Camping at the Games? If so please pass on the contact name and web address so that we can send these groups an pack about where they can stay in London without breaking the bank…

2) Have you Shared our updates on Facebook? This will only take a second…

3) Are you following us on Twitter @campatthegames ? This is a great way to follow our updates….

Get in touch…campingatthegames@campingninja.com

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