Great to meet 2012 Games Makers at Wembley Orientation Training

2012 Olympic and Paralympic Gamesmaker Orientation at Wembley

Braving the cold wind at Wembley – Feb 2012

On Saturday we braved the cold, and some rain, and ventured to Wembley Arena in order to meet some of the 2012 Games Makers and let them know about Camping At The Games and, importantly, the special flexi-camp deal we offer to all Olympics and Paralympics volunteers.

The day comprised of 2 sessions (morning and afternoon) at which Games Makers from all over the UK, and beyond, were introduced to the Games and their place in it. So, we made sure we were there before each session to catch up with people on their way in.

We were there with our big sign and flyers as people streamed from the station and car park. We’ve always practised what we like to call “ethical leafletting” – in a nutshell, only giving leaflets to those interested in what we offer – far less waste and far less annoying!

It was really lovely to meet so many Games Makers and we were struck by the huge variety of people who are all volunteering their time next Summer in order to make our 2012 Olympics and Paralympics a success.

We did get a little confused before the afternoon session as the mix seemed a little more diverse than before…. It was only when someone asked us the directions to the “Big Brother” auditions that we worked out what was happening – a truly eclectic mix!

Overall, it was a big success for us and we had lots of positive feedback and met quite a lot of people who had already booked their camping for the Games with us. The only down-side was that Geoff’s hands nearly froze off; but that was soon remedied by a big plate of Ikea Swedish Meatballs – Mmmmmm.

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