Flexible Camping Deal for 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Makers!

2012 Games Makers need flexibility

Camping at the Games has some great news, as promised we have come up with a unique package especially for 2012 Olympic and Paralympic volunteers who are looking for a more flexible accommodation option that does not tie them to specific dates or locations!

We have come to realise that one of the biggest gripes amongst volunteers who need to organise accommodation during the games is actually knowing where they will be based so that they can find a suitable site. Also most volunteers will not find out the precise dates of their shifts until much closer to the time, so it’s even more difficult to know when to book for and for how long!

That’s why Camping at the Games has designed “flexi-camp”, which allows volunteers to book now and change later.  For volunteers this cost is still only £10 per night to camp but all usual admin and refund fees are waived to offer maximum flexibility – the only requirement is that bookings must always remain over 7 days to qualify. Therefore you can change the dates of your stay  or location without incurring any extra costs and you can receive a full refund if you reduce the length of your stay providing it still exceeds 7 nights.

As we will have a minimum of 6 sites in place during the Games, all within close proximity to the major Olympic and Paralympic venues, we are able to offer this unique level of flexibility. We will also be providing dedicated volunteer camping areas at our sites and as you know there are no additional fees for singles campers making it a fantastic environment to make new friends…so what are you waiting for? Secure your spot and book now!!!

To be eligible for Flexi-Camp you just need to make sure you state you are a volunteer, your role and your team, during the booking process (in the payment there is a section for notes).


  1. maurice day says:

    i want to camp with a 2 berth caravan. can you help please? msny thanks
    maurice day

  2. I’m afraid none of our sites can accept caravans as all the campsites are tent only. It’s all to do with Planning rules etc and not damaging sports pitches.