The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Volunteers / Games Makers Flexible Camping Deal

London 2012 GamesmakerWe realise that there are thousands of volunteers for the Olympics and Paralympics, and that many of you will be needing somewhere to stay which won’t break the bank.

We think we have a great solution for you offering camping spots for £10 per night with good transport links to where you need to be.

As well as this we are offering:

Dedicated volunteer camping areas

Change your location free of charge*

Change your dates free of charge*

Change your length of stay free of charge*

No extra pitch fees for single campers

*  For volunteers all usual admin and refund fees are waived to offer maximum flexibility.  All changes are usually subject to an admin fee of £10 and subject to our refund terms and conditions. All bookings must always be over 7 days to qualify.

We have been talking with Volunteers and finding out what their requirements are, and have come up with a flexible booking system for Games Makers specially designed to ensure that you can book now and change later if you need to as we know many of you do not know your shift patterns or precise dates yet.

To be eligible for Flexi-Camp, choose the “Flexi-camp” option in your booking requirements; then make sure you state you are a volunteer, your role and your team (in the payment area there is a section for notes).

Other useful tools for Games Makers:

List of travel times by public transport from each campsite to each venue: 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Venue Travel Times.

So, there is nothing to lose – book your campsite and join with other Games Makers in supporting community sports.



  1. Isla Watson says:

    I am 2012 volunteer for the paraolympics and I was wondering if any of your sites would have provision for camper vans?

  2. Unfortunately not. All campsites are tent only – the licensing rules are “nothing with an axle” which means campervans, caravans, trailer tents, motorhomes etc. Sorry!

  3. Joanne Williams says:

    Sorry I posted my question in the FAQ’s!

    My daughter & I are Games Maker Volunteers at The Olympic STadium & the Basketball Arena. Can we erect our 2 x one-man tents on the same pitch or do we need to hire 2 x pitches?

    Assuming we can still make a booking – what time can we arrive on site?

    Thank you

  4. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for the enquiry, the cost to camp is calculated on a per person basis so there will be no extra cost to pitch two separate tents, and if you arrive together there should be no problem pitching next to each other.

    In terms of payment due to the demand for camping pitches we are taking the full amount up front. However there is a refund policy and Games Makers who book through flexi-camp can change the dates and location of their site free of charge and are entitled to a refund if you reduce your stay, providing the booking is still for a minimum of 7 nights.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, many thanks.

  5. David cruickshank says:

    I was looking at the Eton Dorney site and is there WIFI and Electric recharghing points also secure lock ups?
    thanks DC

  6. Joanne Williams says:

    HELP!!!!! please!

    I’ve just booked our pitch & realised that I’ve booked the WRONG campsite! Doh! I wanted ETON Rugby Club & I’ve got Blackheath Rugby Camping ( or is that the same site?)

    Please put a poor confused Games Maker Volunteer out of her misery :-(

  7. All sorted for you, we have amended your booking for Eton Manor Rugby and sent through the revised confirmation details :)

  8. Sharon says:

    Are flexi camp booking deposits refundable if something changes (I am a volunteer)
    I have a bit tent (need 4m x 4m pitch) and number of adults and children will vary during the 2 weeks – should I book for 1 adult as a baseline and pay the extra as they arrive/depart?
    please advise thanks

  9. Ian Kershaw says:

    Hi – looking to book for 17 nights for me an my daughter at Eton Manor prior to getting our Volunteer shift rotas. I understand these are due out in April but beyond my control of course. If the shift patterns mean that we don’t need all 17 nights but fewer (and over 7 of course) will i get a full refund for those nights prepaid as long as I select flexi camp?

  10. Yes you will indeed, just select Flexi-camp and let us know your role in the notes section, thanks!

  11. Hi Sharon,

    In would suggest either making separate bookings on line or calling our group bookings number on the website as payment for campers will need to be taken in advance, many thanks.

  12. Kevin Dean says:

    HI, I am a Games Maker Volunter for Both, Olympic and Paralympic Games. Can I book for both at the same when book at the campsite.
    I am volunteering at Greenwick Park.

  13. Hi, you’ll need to make 2 separate bookings as there is a gap in between each stay. Blackheath is probably the best I think.

  14. Krista H says:

    Just wondering if you think Blackheath RFC would be suitable for a female Gamesmaker camping alone. What are the security arrangements? Do you have electric charging points? Thanks.

  15. Pat says:

    My husband and I are searching for accommodation as I am a Games Maker at the Paralympics O2 Arena, are there any campsites within easy reach, have push bike could travel!!! Live in Devon,so don’t know London very well and NEED HELP!!

  16. Hi there, Blackheath Rugby is your best bet and it is also in cycle distance. There is not a bike lock up area, however there are area’s where you can padlock your bikes in an evening, let em know if you have any queries.

  17. Hi Krista,

    Yes any of our sites would be suitable. There will be 24hr security at Blackheath and there are also areas for Games Makers so I’m sure you will get to know your neighbours quite quickly! Thanks.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thank you. Will there be places to charge mobiles/use hairdryers, etc. Not vain, but do need to look half decent each day!

  19. Krista H says:

    Hi, me again.
    Is there anywhere to charge phones at Blackheath?

  20. No problem and yes there will be a limited number of charging points available.

  21. Hi there,

    Yes there will be limited access to electric points for charging and drying hair etc. If you are driving I would also look into getting an adaptor for your car as you will have unlimited access. Thanks for your enquiry!

  22. Paul Brennand says:

    I am a games maker First Responder as part of the Medical team. My shifts are at Earls Court and Horse Guards. We only have two sets of uniform so my questions:
    1.Which is the best site for me
    2.Is there any laundry services close by, only two uniforms and a fortnight of duties. ??????????

  23. Hi Paul,

    Surbiton is probably in the best location for both of these sites, and there will be a laundry service either available on site or nearby, we are currently negotiating the logistics. Check out this link for more information

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  24. Sean says:

    Got the medal ceromony for the Road Cycling at Brands Hatch and Rowing at Eton Downey, not native to the area which site would be the best. Thanks

  25. Afraid we haven’t got anything up by Brands Hatch as not really much demand – you are the first! However, best for Eton Dorney is Reading RFC Camping as it’s just down the road. Follow the link and book away!!

  26. Laura says:

    I am a gamesmaker for the judo at the excel for the games and was wondering which site would be best?

  27. Hi Laura,

    Eton Manor is closest, you can check out all the travel times here Let us know if you have any other questions.

  28. Martin Gascoigne says:

    Desperately need your campsites to be open on earlier dates.
    My shifts start 21st July and 25th August for the paras at Woolwich.
    Any likely movement on the dates?

  29. Hi Martin,

    Unfortunately there is no movement at the stage because demand is still high for both events we need the campsite dates to span this period, we are however looking at additional campsites to be open so that we can cover these periods as we know there are alot of Games Makers in the same boat. We will keep you updated as soon as we know anything, thanks Martin.

  30. Devashish says:

    Will there be one near olympic park? I live in North London
    and it would be difficult to getin from here would I be able to get an accomodation?

    What is the latest on this?

  31. Nigel Frankland says:

    i’m a gamesmaker at the paralympics as a first responder and my first shift is on 25th August and as i live in mid-wales i need somewhere to camp on the 24th can you help.


  32. Hannah Barr says:

    I have made a booking with eton manor for the olympic games period. I now have my shifts and they are from the 20th July to 31st July. I certainly was not expecting this! Will I still be able to stay there? I’m also worried now because if I can’t I have nowhere to stay and would only need 5 days at Eton manor from the 27th which is obviously less than the required 7. Please help! Hannah

  33. Lucy says:

    I’ve just done my training and just been told about this camp site, I’m possibly be working from the 15th July as a lifeguard will the site be open then??

    Also my parents and I have a couple of tickets for the Olympics & Paralympics if I’m in the volunteer section could they stay with me for the nights we have tickets?


  34. Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for your email, don’t panic we have quite a few Games Makers in the same boat so we are planning to open another site during the Olympic period in SE London so that we can accommodate early start dates as well, we should have confirmation in the next few days. I have taken a note of your email address so I will send across details but keep an eye on the website/facebook for details as well.

  35. Hi Nigel,

    At the moment we do not have capacity to open up our sites any earlier for the Paralympics, however this is something we are trying to accommodate. I have taken a note of your email and will get back to you with any updates, but keep an eye on the website as well.

  36. Hi Lucy,

    We should no in the next few days whether we have capacity to open another site in SE London that will cover these dates, I will sent out an email to let you know but please keep an eye on the website as well.

    With regards to your parents camping in the volunteer section, I’m sure that won’t be a problem.

  37. Lucy says:

    Billiant thank you very much :)

  38. Mark C says:

    I was wondering if there is any chance of opening the Weymouth campsite (for the Olympics) any earlier? My Gamesmaker shifts start on the 21st July.

    Also, I have a 4 day gap between 2 sets of shifts. Could I still get the Flexi-camp benefits if I make 2 separate bookings for the 2 sets of shifts?

  39. Hi Mark,

    This is something we are looking into as we have to sites in Weymouth so I’m sure we could cover this period and will have more information on this in the next week or so. In terms of whether flexi-camp still being valid across to bookings, that’s fine just select flexi-camp and in the notes section add that your combined booking exceeds the required 7 days.

    I have copied your email address and will let you know when we have an update on Weymouth, but in the mean time please can you complete this useful poll on Facebook regarding date requirements Thanks Mark.

  40. Janet Maxwell-Stewart says:

    My Gamesmaker shift as a NOC Services Team Member means that I have to be in Weymouth from 09/07 – 15/08, in other words 5+ weeks. This is obviously going to be hugely expensive or mighty uncomfortable if I have to spend the whole time on a ‘proper’ campsite in my trailer tent, or on a ninja site in a small ridge tent. Please can at least those of us who have volunteered and been chosen for a role involving a long stay be supported by the chance to use more comfortable modes of transport? I am 55 and will find it difficult to sleep on the ground for that long, let alone the difficulty of finishing shifts at 23.00 and feeding myself properly if it is dark, wet and there’s no refrigeration available. Ok for a week or two, but not for longer.

  41. Hannah Barr says:

    Thank you that is a BIG relief!!

  42. Adam Gillibrand says:


    I have just booked a pitch at Blackheath and forgot to enter my games maker role in the box before payment. Who can I contact to give you this information?

  43. Hi Janet,

    We empathise with your situation and would love to allow caravans and campervans onto the site but unfortunately the Permitted Development Act in which we are operating under does not allow for this.

    I would say though that if you do decide to camp there are an awful lot of affordable mods and cons that you can invest in to make your stay more comfortable, I’m sorry that we can help you any more than this. We hope that you are able to sort something out.

  44. steph says:

    my only vehicle is a small (old) vw campervan-it is no bigger than a normal car- can I park it whre everyone else is parking their cars?

  45. Adam Gillibrand says:

    Done. Can you confirm you have received details and attached them to my booking.

  46. Hi Adam,

    Yes we got your email and will update your details!

  47. Hi Steph,

    Yes you can, as long as you are not sleeping it.

  48. sue kirk says:

    Hi I am a gamesmaker at the volleyball. I am a female travelling alone. Which site would be most secure and have a gamesmaker area.

  49. Hi, we think Surbiton Hockey Club is best for Earl’s Court – it’s one of the smaller ones, nice area, secure (although all are secure otherwise they wouldn’t be operated). We have a travel planning guide for anyone who wants to find nearest campsites to their venues. Hope that helps.

  50. danielle says:

    Hi, I am a games maker at Greenwich park on various dates i.e 5 days in a row then 2, then 4 but am going home inbetween these. If I booked a campsite with you, can I book for these random dates, how close is Greenwich, as I have shifts very early in the morn and want to be safe and close, how would I get there and is there any other security than guards for all your stuff in tents when your away? Also if I booked do i just pitch up on the day (scuse the pun), what would I have to bring i.e are tents provided?


  51. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just had an offer of first responder 2 at Wimbledon between 28th July and5th August and was wondering which campsite would be best for that venue?



  52. Nigel Frankland says:

    I’ve just had an offer to be a first responder2 at wimbledon between 28th July and 5th August could you suggest a campsite for the venue



  53. Hi Nigel,

    Surbiton Hockey Club is less than 30 minutes from Wimbledon and it’s in a really nice spot so I would suggest camping here

  54. Hi Nigel,

    Surbiton Hockey Club is less than 30 minutes from Wimbledon and is in a lovely spot so I would suggest camping there

  55. Hi Danielle,

    I have copied a link from our website that shows all the travel times from sites to venues Greenwich is about 30 minutes from Blackheath Rugby Club and is easily accessible via bus and rail. We offer good quality pre-erected tents for £25 per night for a 4 man tent which is paid in addition to the £10 fee, if you are staying on your own though you may find that bringing your own tent is the better option. You can book any dates you wish online, but you will need to process different bookings to cover each block of days, payment is really easy and will only take a few minutes, however you cannot leave your tent erected whilst you are not onsite. There will be 24 hour security at Blackheath but if you leave valuables such as phones, wallets, ipods etc this is at your own risk and unfortunately there will not be lockers available onsite. For more details on the Blcakheath Rugby Club and travel etc, check the link below, thanks.

  56. danielle says:

    Thankyou very much for all that. With regards to games makers though I am preety sure you are only very limited as to what you can bring to the venues-i.e not a tent so where would you be able to put a tent as well as your clothes and belongings if your there for 3 days at a time etc….? Thankyou Danielle

  57. steph says:

    is there anywhere near the olympic park i can sleep in it (I am on the medical team for the paralympics and atill dont have my shifts)?

  58. Hi Steph,

    I’m not sure if there are any other sites that allow campers near to the Olympic Park so I would suggest having a look online, sorry I can’t be more help.

  59. Hi Danielle,

    I am a bit confused by your message, why would you need to take your tent etc to the venues?

  60. David B says:

    I am volunteering as part of transport team in Park Lane.Do you have any sites close….ish to here?I can’t see one.Thanks.

  61. Hi David,

    Surbiton is only a 40 minute journey from Central London venue like The Mall etc, check out the travel times here Thanks for your enquiry

  62. Martin Coombe says:


    I have to go to my first day of work at the stadium tomorrow for 9 days … when is the earliest the campsite will be open as I am going to need to stay for the longest time possible due to living up North!!


  63. Martin Coombe says:

    I think Danielle is saying that as we will have to dismantle our tents because we wont be at the camp site during the day, we will have nowhere safe to leave our tents and anything that we are unable to take into venues in essence there will be a few of us unable to have anywhere safe to keep our possesions & tents as we can’t leave them at the campsite and we can’t take them to work and we’re not from London so have nowhere to leave anything so for example could only bring the clothes on our back to london as we have nowhere to keep spares!

  64. Oh OK I think I follow you, you can leave your tents erected during the day. There will be security on site so your belongings should be safe, I just wouldn’t advise leaving valuables lying around in your tents as this may invite problems. Most Games Makers will probably have their tents pitched for at least two weeks. The only time you will need to take your tent down is when you check out on your last morning by 11am.

  65. Hi Martin,

    We are still working this out but I imagine the earliest any of our London sites will be open is the 15th July, we hope to confirm shortly, many thanks.

  66. David Bull says:


    Can you tell me if/when you expect the Eton Manor site to sell out?

    Thanks :)

  67. Helen says:


    I am gamesmaker working at the olympic village and my first shift is 21st July. I have just tried to book to camp at Eton Manor, and it said that the dates were not availble. Is the site fully booked? or is there a plan for it open up before the games start?


  68. AlexH says:

    Hi I am in the transport team at the Olympic Park, with 5 shifts for the Olympics going to 2am, after it is reported Underground will have already stopped for night (teh Underground would take me home in less than 2 hours travel time)- would it be possible to park just a car with you at Eton Manor for such nights ( from ~3pm the afternoon before) in order to get home before dawn, or will I have to park a tent as well? ( of course I would still need to get back to you at 2am without the underground – are there any all-night buses or similar between Olympic Park and yr site – it is a long walk I think)

  69. Hi Helen,

    Eton Manor is only open from the 26th July, however we have another site Match Day Centres open from the 21st July which is only 20 mins from the OP by bus Also have you completed our online poll with details on when your shifts start?

  70. Hi David,

    I am confident that this site will sell out. I imagine you have a couple of weeks left to make a booking.

  71. kay says:

    i’m a games maker who’s shifts start on the 25th July and want to stay at ine of your campsites possibly Eton mannor with my husband. are there any pitchs left and can i book now with a deposite and pay the rest in full near to the event? also a friend and his 2 children want to come and stay for a week would they have to be in a difernt part of the site as they are not volunteers at the games?

  72. Hi Kay,

    Eton Manor is only open from the 26th July, but we do have another site in Walthamstow that is only a 20 minute bus ride from the Olympic Park. I have copied the link here

    We have space at either sit but are only taking payments in full I’m afrad. You can always pitch up in the main camping area once your friends arrive, that shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks for your enquiry.

  73. Kevin Dean says:

    I am staying at Eton Manor during the Games and will be arriving in London on Thursday 26th July, What time does the campsite open at?

  74. Hi Kevin,

    Check In is from 11am onwards.

  75. David B says:


    Two questions regarding the flexi-camp for gamesmakers.

    If I booked 16 nights to coincide with my shifts at Excel and then cancelled the lot due to a change in circumstances, would I be entitled to a full or part refund?

    If I booked for 16 nights and cancelled 3 or 4 nights would I be able to leave my tent as these would be nights I’d travel home and return the next day?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  76. Sarah Skidmore says:

    I am a volunteer at the Olympic stadium and have now received my shifts, some of them say that I may not finish until 2am. I would like to stay at the nearest campsite, but don’t know if there will be transport at that time of night/morning. Can you help at all? do you know if there will be trains/buses then or will I need to cycle??

  77. Hi Sarah,

    The tubes are running up until 2am and a number of buses will be running all night. There are a lot of Games Makers already booked at Eton Manor RFC, which is only 9 minutes from the Olympic Park and I imagine they will be in a similar position so I would suggest staying there. Our Facebook page is also fairly active so it’s a great place to chat to other GM’s about what they may know in terms of transport.

  78. Hi David,

    Unfortunately if your tent is erected you are taking up pitch space, therefore we need to charge the the £10 fee. However we can refund up to 9 nights without a charge. Email

  79. Hi Alex,

    I will check with the Rugby Club, if you could email your query to that would be great.

  80. Lynne says:

    I am volunteering at the Excel centre and for some of my shifts I need to be there by 5.30am. Do you know if public transport will be running at that time? Also, the Nunja website says that Blackheath and Barking rugby clubs are closer than Eton Manor, but your handy travel times page says that Eton Manor is best. which is correct please? I am happy to walk if quicker. thanks

  81. Hi Lynne,

    Apologies for any confusion but Eton Manor is definitely the closest site,and transport will be running for extended periods and throughout the night. However for more details on specific travel times for the tubes and bus network I would suggest checking the Transport for London website I hope this helps.

  82. Andrew says:

    Hi, I am starting my shifts on the 23rd, so would need to camp from the 22nd. Eton Maor is ideal as a fleet driver at the Olympic park but I seem to see that it does not start operaitons until the 26th? Is this likely to change at all?


  83. Lynne says:

    Thanks, I will get on with my booking. Tip for other Gamesmakers – look at the Olympics/Paralympics section on the site and note just the journey planner as I have been. The planner only goes up to June!

  84. Hi Andrew,

    The site opens on the 25th and at the moment this is unlikely to change. However we do have a site in walthmstow, only a 15 minute bus ride to the park, which is open from the 16th July.

  85. Andrew says:

    The Wathamstow site is great but the problem remains the other end where it closes before my shifts finish!



  86. Nicky B says:

    I’m a Lifeguard for the games and am needed the week before the games start, 21st – 29th July. I tryed to book Eaton Manor RFC but it said the dates didn’t match. Can you let me know if they are full or just not open at this time???
    Thank you

  87. Matt Johnson says:

    I’m volunteering at the ExCel Centre during the Paralympics, where would be the best site to stay?

  88. Hi Nicky,

    This site is only open from the 25th July but it is still bookable, Match Day Centres in Walthamstow will be open from the 16th July.

  89. Sorry Andrew, we are doing our best to accommodate Games Makers, but we are restricted on the dates in which we can open. We will keep you posted on any changes.

  90. Chloe.s says:

    I’m working for the Paralympics but I start my first day of work on the 27th of August and as far as I can see no campsite is open on this date. I would really need to get to a camp site on the 26th.

    Is there any that are open on this date?


  91. Tinkerbell says:

    Hiya my daughter and I are voluntary cast performers for the opening and closing ceremonies and we travel for our rehearsals from way up north and it is costing me a bomb; like £200 per week because we are not together; I am in the opening and my daughter is in the closing. I am interested in staying at one of the camps when we require accommodation so can we pay per night as we do not need to stay for the whole two weeks throughout the term time of the Olympics however I may need your help two weeks prior to the opening ceremonies as we have a lot of rehearsals and it may make more sense to stay in London instead of travelling each day. We live way up near the Lake District. Please help

  92. Jennifer Batty says:

    Hi i am working at the volleyball which is the best campsite for me as i am just gunna camp the nights that i have to be there early in the morning as it will be easier than having an hour commute. Thanks


  93. Martin says:

    Hi there,

    I’m going to be Games Maker at Wembley Stadium do you have anywhere to suggest for me? Even somewhere with decent transport links?

    Many Thanks,

  94. Max says:

    Hi,I will be working at Excel centre for Olympic games for fourteen days. Staying in a campsite fits my budget,do you know which campsite is close to where I will be working. And I haven’t had any camping equipments such as tent, do you rent tent at the campsite.

  95. Hi Max,

    Eton Manor or Barking RFC are your best bet. We also offer pre-erected 4Xman tents for an extra £25 per night, obviously this cost can be split between up to 4 of you if you are travelling in a group and these tents are available at all of our sites. Thanks.

  96. Hi Jennifer,

    Check out our new interactive map for details on where campsites are in relation to venues, on the campsite profiles you can find more specific details on travel time. Although I would suggest for the Olympic Park Eton Dorney or Barking are your best bet.

  97. Hi there,

    You can certainly make adhoc bookings through the site, these can be processed individually i.e. make one booking for a block of nights and then a separate one for the next block.

    The Match Day centres is only a 15 minute bus ride away from the Olympic Park and opens on the 16th July, Eton Manor and Barking RFC are also very close via tube but they are not open until the 25th and 26th July. I have copied the link below to this site, let me kknow if you have any other queries, thanks.

  98. Hi Chloe,

    I’m afraid not at this stage as we are restricted on dates and need to establish demand, please complete our online poll as this will help to give us a clearer idea

  99. Shaun says:

    I am a games maker based at Earl’s court for 12 days during the games. Having received my shifts I have found I have to be there for 7am. Which campsite would you recommend bearing in mind transport options to Earl’s Court?
    Thanks, Shaun

  100. Esta says:

    I made a booking for Eton Manor from the 7th of July to the 13th of August and need to change my booking as I now have my olympic shifts! Is it possible to change the dates to the 29th of July to the 7th of August? Also will the refund be done now?

    Many Thanks

  101. Stacie says:

    What does a pre-erected 4-man tent mean and look like?

  102. Naomi says:


    I’m a Games Maker at the Olympics. What is the current availability for Eaton Manor? Im hoping to get my shifts reduced from 20. Do you think there is enough availability for me to wait or shall I book now?

  103. I would suggest booking asap for Eton Manor.

  104. Hi there,

    It means it can comfortably accommodate 4 people, please see more details on the link below

  105. Hi Esta,

    Yes we can change that and issue an immediate refund, please email your booking reference and request to, thanks!

  106. Surbiton is the closest, but Eton Manor and Barking are also in fairly easy reach of Earls Court. Check out the link below…

  107. Sue says:

    I’m working at the Aquatics Centre for the Paralympics and was wondering which would be the best site for me? Also I have a friend who will be working in London but not at the Olympics, will they be able to stay as well as I don’t fancy camping on my own?

  108. Hi Sue,

    Eton Manor is your best bet and there are lots of GM’s already booked. Of course your friend is free to camp, they will need to book through the website though you cannot pay on arrival. Thanks

  109. Maria says:


    I have just accepted a Games Maker volunteer role for the paralympic games at Greenwich Park. I don’t know what dates/shifts I will be working, but from the 2012 website the paralympics run from the 30/08/12 to 04/09/12 at Greenwich Park. Can I book Blackheath camp site (I assume this is the nearest camp site for Greenwich Park) for the dates 29/08/12 to 05/09/12 and then change them if required later (once I know what I am doing).



  110. Simon says:

    I am a volunteer for the Paralympics and will be working at the Olympic stadium. The shifts i have been allocated require me to either stat at 6am or finish at midnight. I quite like the idea of camping at Blackheath – will i be able to commute tp / from the venue for these times? If not could you advise which would be the best place to camp please?

    Thank you

  111. The best places to camp during the Paralympics for the Olympic Stadium are Eton Manor or Barking RFC. Blackheath is a little further away so I would suggest either of those 2 as both short tube rides away.

  112. Hi Maria,

    Yes, you can. Book the broad dates and then when you get your shifts let us know what your revised dates are. Remember to chose the flexi-camp option when booking.

  113. jennifer says:

    hi, im a volunteer at the games, and i was wondering if your new potters field campsite is still open during the paralymic games??
    many thanks

  114. Damian says:

    Hi, I have been allocated shifts for the Paralympics, but I have returned the shifts as they did not suit.

    So I am still waiting to hear back, is it best to book now, but I dont want to risk loosing the money etc.

    I am working at the Basketball Arena, so would Eton be the best bet?

    Also, is there going to be anywhere I can charge my phone on site?



  115. Hi, definitely book now as space is running out. Eton Manor, Barking RFC or Match Day Centres are the best for the Olympic Park. You can charge your phone at all 3.

  116. No, sorry – was just for the morning yesterday. We wouldn’t be allowed to set one up there properly unfortunately!

  117. Will says:

    Hey, hoping for some advice. I’m volunteering near Hyde Park for the Olympics and was wondering which site would be my best bet? I have some 7am starts and 11pm finishes so need to know I can get back. I’m looking for the 24th of July to 2nd of August I think.. Cheers in advance.

  118. Check out this link which shows travel times to venues from the campsites, as well as a travel planning guide All the sites are well connected to public transport and the tubes will be running for extended periods during the games so for your times I don’t think you will have a problem using train and rail.

  119. Steph says:

    I was wondering if you could help me? I’m not working enough shifts on the games to pitch a tent for 7 days, the longest I would need is 5 nights then a couple of over night stays, is this possible?
    Thanks Steph.

  120. Henry Stratford says:


    This sounds like a fantastic idea. I just have two questions. Firstly, can we put up tents and leave them up for multiple days. Secondly, is there anywhere where we can securely store our stuff during the day whilst we are away from our tents.


  121. There will be security on site throughout the day, but unfortunately we cannot provide lockers, I would advise leaving valuables at home or locked in your vehicles. Thanks

  122. yes that’s fine you will still qualify for felxi-camp. However if you know your shifts you probably don’t require this anyway as it doesn’t not provide a discount just additional flexibility. Thanks

  123. Elaine says:

    Hi, I am a games-maker at Wembley Arena + Stadium,there seems to be no campsites around that area?? Not everyone is working at the Olympic Village..I am a lone female with 6am starts and 12midnight finishes between 27/7 and 11/8..I would really appreciate some help with finding a campsite that is realistically suitable..hubby and son will come for a few days too! Pleeeeeese :)

  124. Steph says:

    OK thank you for getting back to me, will we be able to book closer to the games and final roster haven’t gone out yet?

  125. Pete says:

    similar issue here. my paralympic shifts start in weymouth on 7am on 22 august so would need to camp overnight on 21st. Nothing is available that early at the moment. Got 10 days of volunteering overall, but only 3 shifts on competition days. I’ve filled in the poll, but looks like i’m the only one to put that shift so far :(

  126. Yes we do have additional sites with space but would advise you book asap in order to secure the location best for you, we offer a flexi-camp package for GM’s who do not know their shifts yet

  127. Thanks for your email, I apologise for not being able to offer a site closer to Wembley we have tried to accommodate as many people as possible but this does have to be subject to demand and in some locations we have been more fortunate than others in terms of the space available to us. The link below shows all the travel times form the campsites to Wembley, I would suggest having a look at that and in terms of the best sites for families that are nearest to Wembley I would suggest Southgate HC or Barking RFC. I hope this helps.

  128. Lucy Bent says:

    Hi – what size will the pitches be for Games Makers please? I will be booking single occupancy but in a 2 man tent. Will there still be a bit of space outside for sitting out / cooking, etc?
    I am hoping to book at Eton Manor for 3 weeks, then Walthamstowe for 2 weeks pre-Games?
    Many thanks :)

  129. Lucy Bent says:

    ps – my tent size is 380cm x 245cm
    Thanks :)

  130. There will be space enough to sit and cook etc – you won’t be crammed together. There isn’t a set pitch size as so many different sized tents, but there will be a proper space between tents….

  131. we’re working on it Pete….

  132. Skye says:

    Hey, I volunteer at EXCEL. These might be stupid questions. If there are places we can take shower and stuff? Also where can I charge my electronic devices?

  133. Luke says:

    Hi ,
    I’m working in the Transport Team and will be trying to get into central London.

    Can anyone tell me the best camp site for access into Park Lane Depot (Nearest tube is Bond Street)


  134. Check out the link below for details on travel times from campsites to venues, but I would recommend Surbiton HC or Barking RFC

  135. They are all exisiting sports clubs so showers will be provided and there is no additional charge to use these. There will be some electrisy points available to use but access will be limited.

  136. Sharon French says:

    hi, I am a gamesmaker at Canary Wharf which campsite is closest plse?

  137. Nicola Eade says:

    Hi, I’m wanting to change my dates of stay but unsure of who I need to email or ring?

    I was originally staying the 27th July – 13th Aug, but now want to change to the 26th July – 12th Aug, I’m a games maker and I ticked the flexi camp option.

    Hope someone can help!?


  138. Helen Loe says:

    I’ve booked Blackheath, for the whole of the 2 weeks as I’m a gamesmaker, I’d like my husband and son to pop up and visit me when I’ve got some time off.

    My question is will they be able to stay with me in the GM area as I will be bringing a 4 man tent? How should I go about booking them in?


  139. Giovani says:

    Is it any place still available for a games maker volunteering at the Excel that still does not have a place to stay?

  140. Yes they can join you and you can just make a separate booking for them online, just add a note in the special instructions saying that they will not be bringing a tent. Thanks!

  141. Sure give the office a call to add a night, the number is on confirmation email.

  142. Eton Manor or Barking RFC

  143. Louise says:

    I’m travelling into London by train via London Euston and my gamesmaker duties are at Olympic Park. I’d need somewhere to stay from 27th July-11h August, which would be best campsite to stay at that still has space? Also, does this campsite have a designated gamesmaker zone? Would really like to meet new people as I’ll be camping alone.
    Thank you :)

  144. Check out this link for details on travel times from the various campsites to venues, the only site where there is no availablity on some of those dates is Eton Manor ans there will be dedicated Games Maker camping areas

  145. Jonny Brown says:

    Hi I am a Games Maker volunteering at the o2 Arena. Which site would be best for me as I am not sure at all. Also, I notice there is electrical charge points and showers but is their anywhere to wash clothes? I doubt many people would appreciate me turning up a week later without washing the same gear! Thanks for your help!

  146. maria says:

    I’m a games maker for the transport team and based at Heathrow. I’ve got my accommodation sorted for the fist part as I start before the Olympics. which would be the nest place to stay, an I’m coming from up north.

  147. All of our sites will have laundry provisions in place, whether they are on site or at a local laundrette, you can find the best site for your location here

  148. Samantha says:


    I was just wondering if the showers are closed at any time during the day. I have some very early starts (6.00am, 6.30am) and would need to be in the shower before 5.00am some days to give me time to get to the venue.

    Could you please tell me if the showers will be open at that time of the morning?



  149. Hi Samantha,

    Most of our sites will have showers open 24 hours, the only site that isn’t is Wodson Park and their showers will be open from 5.30am.

  150. Lesley Mulligan says:

    Hi, my daughter is a volunteer at paralympics Excel, and needs to arrive a week before the start i.e. 21 August. Is there any camp site open at that time?

  151. Match Day Centres opens from the 16th July, however this isn’t the most convenient journey to Excel so I would suggest moving across to Barking RFC from the 26th July. Details on travel times are below, just follow the links and I would suggest planning your route on the TFL website in advance, thanks.

  152. Lesley Mulligan says:

    Looking for camp sites open from 21st-27th August (not July)for paralympics at Excel

  153. Apologies for the confusion, unfortunately we do not have a site open during this period as we are restricted on dates, we will keep you posted if anything changes, keep an eye on our FB page

  154. Karen says:

    Both my husband and myself are volunteers at the Athletes Village and at this late stage, we have just found out that our accommodation has fallen through! Where is the nearest site to the Athletes Village and is there any availability at this late stage (for about 4 weeks). Please help!!!!!!

  155. Hi Karen,

    We have limited availability at Eton Manor but there is still space at Barking RFC, from the 26th July through to the 13th August and at Match Day Centres from the 16th July – 12th August, which are also really close to the Olympic Park.

  156. Richard says:

    I am booked in at Eaton Manor, had intended to come up by motorbike but may need to come by car, I take it as it is one car per pitch this would be ok?

    Hope it brightens up before then.

  157. stuart hare says:

    i will also be volunteering, yet cannot find any where to camp as from the 13th july, could you please help

  158. stephenscaddan says:

    iam agames maker volunteer from nottingham iam at hores graud parade were is the nearest camp site …and iam unemployed at this present time can i set up adriect dedet up with my local bank to pay the camp site were i will bee staying thank you i look forward to your reply…..

  159. Hi, yes one car per pitch is absolutely fine, thanks for the comment, and so do we!

  160. Hi, unfortunately all payments have to be made through the campingninja website at time of booking, with payment upfront. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  161. Bernard says:

    Hello, I will be booking on to your Eton Manor campsite from fri 31 Aug to Sun 9 Sept. I will be arriving by car. I have read on here that your site closes on Sunday 9 Sept. Unfortunately my last shift is from 1.30pm to 1.00am on that Sunday in the Olympic Stadium. Would it be possible to pack up my tent on the Sunday morning, leave my car there, go do my shift and then return to my car after my 1.00am shift. Bit lengthy enquiry I know. Hope you can help. Cheers B

  162. Dave says:

    I’m helping out @ the Paralympics at Brands Hatch. Is there any camping ontsite or very close.
    Also, would there be anywhere safe to store/park a bycyle there.

  163. We are not affiliated with any campsites that are near Brands Hatch unfortunately, have you considered commuting from one of our other campsites? please refer to our ‘times from camps to venues’ section for a camp which might best suit you.

  164. Yeah that will be absolutely fine, please just make sure to let the campsite know that you plan to do this, hope this helps!

  165. Bernard says:

    thanks for your positive reply. I’ll now go ahead and book the Eton Manor Campsite

    Cheers Bernard

  166. Chris Rock says:

    Hi Guys,
    I will probably be looking to put through a booking for Volunteers camping at the Match Day Centres this Wednesday (when I have a more definite idea of finances and shift times).

    Looks like I will be rostered for the entire duration of the Olympics and Paralympics.

    I therefore have one question:

    What is capacity looking like at the MDC? (will there still be spaces available when I come to book on Wednesday)

  167. Yes we still have plenty of room Chris!

  168. Jill kritzinger says:

    Hi am am working at the olympics and paralympics as an x ray operator do i qualify for the flexi camping?

  169. Anne says:

    Hi, will be based at Wimbledon. Which site would be nearest for me please?

  170. nigel says:

    help i’m running out of time surbiton hockey club is fully booked between 24/7 and 6/8 do you know any where still available?

  171. If you check you can check the availability of all the campsites by entering the dates you require; if it lets you proceed it is available, if not unfortunately they are either fully booked or closed.

  172. Hi Anne,
    Please refer to for detailed information on which campsites are closest to which Olympic venues.

  173. If you are a volunteer, and your stay stretches over at least 7 nights, then yes. Unfortunately if you are paid or not staying for over 7 nights then flexible camping is unavailable to you.

  174. Gordon says:

    My rota covers 23 days at most of the cycling venues, I have 3 non consecutive days off during the 23 day period. As a volunteer, as most of us are, is there any room for negotiating a reduced fee for the 23 nights camping – please.

  175. Hi Gordon. Sorry, the price is really very low as it is, and lower than any other camping options we believe. Also lots of other Gamesmakers are already staying for that kind of length of time and it wouldn’t be fair to offer you a discount and not anyone else. Always worth asking though!

  176. Ali says:

    Do you still have an camping spots free?
    I am volunteering in the Olympic Park and need somewhere to stay.



  177. Julie says:

    My son is a Games Maker and wants to camp at the Match Day Centre from Monday 23rd July as he has 4 consecutive shifts at the Aquatics Centre with 7am starts Tue – Fri. His shift on Friday will finish at 2.30pm and he won’t be able to pack up his tent on the Friday morning before he goes on shift. Does that mean he will need to pay for the Friday night even though he won’t actually be sleeping there that night?

  178. Andrea says:

    Due to the recent relentless rainfall – how will the campsite/ field cope? Just concerned as I’ve read that the site is next to a river.

  179. Hi Andrea, if the river you are referring to is the one at Eton Manor, that river has not flooded within living memory, and if it did the Olympic Park would be in danger so that may help put that problem in perspective, hope this helps.

  180. Yes unfortunately check-out time is 11am, sorry for any inconvenience!

  181. Hi ALi, I would recommend Match Day Centres.

  182. Charlotte Dean says:

    I have provisionally booked my dates to camp through felxi-camp and have just found out my shifts – I’m sure I’m being silly but can’t find where I need to email/call to give my dates and add a couple more??

    Thank you

  183. If you send an email to outlining your desired adjustments we will sort it out for you!

  184. Yu Huang says:

    I am the volunteer for Paralympic Game, my working venue is Excel London, is the Eton Manor nearest camp for me? And do I need to pay any deposite when I book it please?
    Thank you very much.

  185. Joshua Chaplin says:

    Hi I have just been offered employment as a Security Guard for the Olympic Park, and have been told I will be working probably from the 20th July until the 12 September. I am looking for somewhere to camp for the duration. Can you help please

  186. Match Day Centres is your best bet!

  187. You need to pay the full amount when you book Yu, and yes Eton Manor is the closest site.

  188. steph says:

    can you park a camper van in the car park?

  189. Dave says:

    i too am at greenwich and staying at Blackheath.

  190. Aobo Zhang says:

    Hi, I’m volunteering at Olympic Park from 25 July to 12 August. Can I know:
    -if there will be WIFI available over the campsites?
    -where is the best site available for me?
    -whether shall I bring a tent or you got tent available?


  191. Hi Aobo, There is no wifi on site I’m afraid; the best campsite for you is Match Day Centres; and we have pre-erected tents for hire at a price of £25p/night on top of the p/person charge of £10 p/night.

  192. Sam Gosling says:


    I have made a flexi-camp booking at Eton Manor RFC campsite as I am volunteering at the Paralympics. I was wandering if I could stay an extra night and leave on the 10th September instead of the 9th September? My booking reference is CN21462


  193. Sophie Medwell says:


    Will you be accepting walk ins of volunteers during the games?

  194. Laura G says:

    Hi, I am a volunteer performer for the ceremonies and have rehearsals throughout august/early september for paralympic ceremonies. Do any of the campsites stay open for this period? Many thanks,


  195. I am afraid not Laura, all of our sites are shut mid-august.

  196. You have to pay through the website Sophie, or give us a call in the office. But yes you can book right up to the day of arrival!

  197. Sheena says:

    I am a gamesmaker for the paralympics based at the olympic park and i have a couple of questions?I am a lone female who is VERY nervous about camping on my own any reassurances!!!? Where would be the best place to camp?
    How would i get to the venue? All of my shifts start at 7am and finish between 5-7pm.
    My last shift is 9th Sept and i finish at 6.30pm – will I be able to leave my tent pitched if I pay for another night, as i won’t be able to take it down in the morning.
    Sorry for all the questions but getting very panicky now.
    Thank you in advance.

  198. Margaret says:

    Hi I’m booked to stay for the Paralympics. I’ve done a “dry run” from Stratford to Wanstead on the tube, but wonder if there’s a bus from the tube to the site to save that last walk – especially after a long Games Maker shift! Thanks in advance for any info. Margaret