Camping At The Games Goes Viral!

Camping At The Games Makes BBC Worldwide

BBC Worldwide features Camping At The Games

We were delighted to see yesterday that Camping At The Games has already been picked up by BBC Worldwide, a flying start to our mission to provide affordable, convenient Olympic accommodation that will hugely benefit sport development in the UK!

In a feature on the latest travel sites, Australian journalist Carmen Roberts, explores Olympic accommodation that won’t break the bank or line the pockets of large hotel chains or rental properties charging extortionate rates!

We have been overwhelmed with the positive response so far and are excited about opening bookings on the 5th January 2012! And it now looks as though our campsites could be just as popular for international ticket holders as well as those from the UK, which is great news as we anticipate a real buzz at each of the sports clubs hosting sites – and this will only add to the atmosphere!

By using Camping At The Games to book your accommodation you will be helping local sports clubs, who are largely self funded, to reinvest in their facilities and support grass roots talent. It’s vital that the UK sporting community takes something away from the Olympic legacy, and having read an article today in the Telegraph outlining that Sport England is a long way off achieving it’s legacy targets, largely due to challenging economic factors, then clubs like these need all the support they can get! By improving facilities and making them more accessible to youngsters this will go a small way in helping to bridge the gap between sports clubs and schools, which is still a major challenge here in the UK.

Get behind Camping At The Games and register here to entitle you to make priority bookings on January 5th!

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