Calling all volunteers for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in need of affordable accomodation…

By Melvin Schlubman

The Campingninja team has realised that there are 1000′s of volunteers/Games Makers still wondering where you will be based for the games, and more importantly where you will be staying!

It seems as though there is a lot of uncertainty, in some cases you may not even know you have been selected as a volunteer until April…But the good news is they have designed your uniforms, so you can all breath a sigh of relief!!

On a more serious note ensuring you have somewhere to stay during the 2-4 week period, that isn’t going to break the bank is a concern for many and this is where Camping At The Games comes in. On the 5th January 2012 we will be opening priority bookings for each of our Olympic campsites, all of which will be based in close proximity to the major venues and will cost you no more than £10 per night.

Although this doesn’t solve the problem of knowing where you will be based, each of the London sites will be in easy commutable distance to the main venues, therefore you will never be staying too far away. For those of you who will possibly be based outside of London or are still concerned about booking in advance then if you register here and outline your concerns the Campingninja team will do it’s best to accommodate you.

Over and out,

The Campingninja Team

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