Calling London Sports Clubs – do you have the camping factor?

Do you fulfill the following criteria as a Sports Club? Just ask yourself these simple questions, and if the answers are yes, then get in touch.

Do your sports club have:

  • any spare grass space for people to set up tents during Summer 2012
  • toilet facilities or the ability to set some up
  • shower facilities or the ability to set some up
  • space to park cars
  • public transport within easy walking distance
  • 24 hr access to cold running water
  • some volunteers to help out
  • the desire to raise a lot of money for your club
  • the willingness to get involved in the Olympic spirit!

If your answer is a “yes” to these questions, then why not spend 2 minutes registering here to receive your free pack on how to set up a London 2012 temporary campsite.

The members of your sports club and local community will really thank you for it come September 2012! 

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